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    WATCH: What Osborne Really Saw at PMQs

    By WikiGuido Guido did not receive a response when he asked a Treasury spokesman how many disco biscuits the Chancellor ate on Tuesday night… Tagged: Freedom to Party, Osborne, PMQs Visit Site

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    Kinnock Snipes at Miliband

    By WikiGuido Red Prince Stephen Kinnock has used a 4,300 word interview with Mehdi Hasan to launch a number of wide-ranging criticisms of Ed Miliband. Labour’s candidate in Aberavon, who amusingly dodges a question on whether he wants to be PM, condemns the current Labour leadership’s relationship with business: “I’m not sure the Labour Party…

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    Read All About It

    By needleteam The Friday Night Song Visit Site

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    Poll: Public Backs Brexit if Cam Plan Fails

    By WikiGuido A poll for the Standard tonight finds Londoners currently want to stay in the EU by 45% to 37%, but the numbers reverse almost completely if Cameron’s renegotiate attempts fail. No pressure… Tagged: Dave, EU, Polls Visit Site



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    Three amazing herbs for a clear and healthy complexion

    By By Jeanette Padilla (NaturalNews) The skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s constantly eliminating toxins via perspiration through every single pore on the body. Every now and then, the burden of removing toxins can become too much for the skin, and trouble manifests itself in the form of pimples, acne… Visit Site

  • Developing an Attitude of Gratitude Can Help You Live a Longer, Happier Life

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Besides sharing time with family and friends over food, the primary ingredient of the American Thanksgiving holiday is gratitude. While it’s certainly good to have an annual holiday to remind us to express gratitude, there’s much to be said for the benefits of cultivating the spirit of thankfulness year-round….

  • EWG Releases Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola When you eat processed foods, you can virtually guarantee that you’re also consuming any number of questionable food additives. More than 10,000 such additives are allowed in food when you factor in those that are added directly to your food as well as those in the packaging (which can…

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    It is now illegal to share food with the homeless in Florida

    By By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) If you’re someone who believes in personal (not government-provided) charity and who likes to make sure that as many homeless people as possible get a decent meal each day, good for you. But you might want to avoid Fort Lauderdale, Florida, because you could wind up… Visit Site



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    What Anxiety Does To Your Body

    By Eddie Anxiety helps us get out of harm’s way and prepare for important events, and it warns us when we need to take action. But you may experience anxiety that is Full Article » Visit Site

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    How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

    By Eddie If you are searching through magazines and websites for natural hair care products, you will find in many of them the coconut oil listed as a “super-food” for your hair. Full Article » Visit Site

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    Powerful Drink – Clean Your Whole Organism

    By Eddie If you have the need to purify your blood from fats, or need a complete regeneration of the organism here is the perfect solution for you. This drink will not Full Article » Visit Site