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December 19, 2014 - UKIP suspend Winston McKenzie after accusations he may be black
December 19, 2014 - Quote of the Time
December 19, 2014 - Friday Caption Contest (He’s Not the Messiah… Edition)
December 19, 2014 - Five Ukrainian soldiers killed
December 19, 2014 - WATCH: Lucy Powell Gets Brillo’d
December 19, 2014 - Sony Hack Reinvigorates Support for Privacy-Busting CISPA-Style Legislation
December 19, 2014 - Going Nowhere – Fast
December 19, 2014 - Bianca Jagger drops Human Rights anti-fracking Report to David Cameron in person
December 19, 2014 - Clegg’s Facebook Q&A on Education Goes As Well As Expected
December 19, 2014 - Apple labour conditions: Chinese workers who make products for tech giant ‘work 16 hours a day, 18 days in a row’, BBC claims
December 19, 2014 - Cruz rips ‘defiant, angry’ Obama throwing temper tantrum with Cuba deal
December 19, 2014 - Final Thoughts On ‘Satanist Ritual Abuse’
December 19, 2014 - UKIP MEP attacks “feckless families” despite owing £2,000 in child support
December 19, 2014 - The architects of the torture system – politicians, officials, secret service agents, lawyers and senior army officials – should be brought before the courts
December 19, 2014 - Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Oborne v Maguire
December 19, 2014 - Michael Brown in the Classroom: The Schools Where Truth Doesn’t Matter
December 19, 2014 - Agent Orange in use in the UK – How does your milk taste? Increased risk of birth defects.
December 19, 2014 - Mainstream Media Ignores Massive Open Carry Protest
December 19, 2014 - Ex-German MP faces pornography trial
December 19, 2014 - The Richie Allen Show on Melanie Shaw – ‘They threw me in jail for a crime that never happened, because I exposed a VIP paedophile ring.’
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UKIP suspend Winston McKenzie after accusations he may be black

By Tom Pride (satire?) UKIP has suspended Winston McKenzie as chairman of its Lambeth and Croydon North branch after members expressed suspicions that he may be black. Mr McKenzie was suspended, at least temporarily, after a letter of no confidence was signed by a number of members who have called on him to officially confirm…

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    Quote of the Time

    By Guido Fawkes Mandy Rice-Davies (R.I.P.) on Lord Astor’s denial of their affair…. “Well he would, wouldn’t he?” Visit Site

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    WATCH: Lucy Powell Gets Brillo’d

    By WikiGuido Poor Lucy Powell did her best on the Daily Politics not to reveal whether she was responsible for Labour’s disastrous immigration strategy, described as “bollocks” by her colleagues. Eventually she ‘fessed up: “I take responsibility for what goes out in my name”. A penny for the thoughts of Labour MPs watching this interview……

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    Going Nowhere – Fast

    By Guido Fawkes Sponsored post. Ready for Christmas? Ready for the tailbacks, delays and cancellations? But it doesn’t have to be this way. As part of its 2020 Vision programme, the Institute of Economic Affairs is focusing on Fast Tracking UK Transport. The think tank says Britain could soon be on the move again –…



  • Strategies to Address and Reduce Holiday-Related Stress and Grief

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola For many, November and December are a favorite time of year, with major holidays bringing family and friends together. But it can also be an incredibly stressful time, as party planning, extra cooking and shopping, not to mention navigating potentially difficult family dynamics, might stretch you to your limits….

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    Collapsing oil prices to slow green revolution as energy costs plummet

    By By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) As oil prices tumble — some industry experts say prices could collapse to $40 a barrel — the global economy is being reshaped in ways that are going to be beneficial to economic growth, personal incomes and industrial expansion.But the same collapse in prices won’t… Visit Site