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    Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Today

    By WikiGuido Can he be Sy-rious? Disgraced dick pic MP Brooks Newmark has told friends “Brooks of Damascus is back” and that he will return to the ravaged country after 2015. Also in Guido’s column today: Dave’s Costly Long-Term Optometric Plan – new glasses from posh Chelsea store Government cuts hit Christmas trees… so Avid…

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    You Cannot Be Serious

    By Needlz Spiv and Chimps A “top” Judge has publicly chastised a group of Bristol Social Workers who did not tell the parents whose child they had stolen and marked down for forced adoption, the reason for such a drastic move until 45 minutes before the decision was to be made final – giving the…

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    And that is that

    By Needlz Fuck The State There follows a short article written by Fuck The State, who most of you know as being one of my sites moderators, regular commenter and minder to my Christopher D Spivey Facebook Page. Course, he is also much more than that. I do count FTS amongst those I class as…

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    If you believe they put a man on the moon

    By Needlz Christopher Spivey I’ll bet cha that the old Monkey Boys over at the Chimp are proper missing me? In fact, I have been that busy what with making sure that there is always something new on here for your daily perusal, as well as keeping you all updated on Clayton; thus keeping him…



  • What You Need to Know About Grass-Fed Beef

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Most of us benefit from high-quality animal protein. But what constitutes “high quality”? One key factor that has a tremendous bearing on the quality of the meat is whether or not the cattle was raised on pasture, opposed to a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO). Joey Jones has been…

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    The Science of Pain Is Changing Rapidly

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Pain is a widespread problem today, delivering serious blows to people’s health, happiness, and productivity. The experience of pain is highly subjective—people feel pain differently. The pain process itself is a multifaceted phenomenon and understanding it has become a major focus of scientific inquiry. The documentary The Secret World…

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    Omega-3 supplementation reduces nicotine cravings, helping smokers quit

    By By S. D. Wells (NaturalNews) In the largest city of northern Israel, the University of Haifa has shared their concluded research showing that omega-3 supplementation significantly reduces nicotine craving, not to mention the number of cigarettes a person smokes on any given day. The study was conducted… Visit Site



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    Bill Maloney names names

    By Tapestry Why is Operation Fernbridge following me, asks Bill Maloney? I can’t eat a currie no more, he says. Visit Site

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    Anger as teachers at Ribblesdale Infant School get £8bn in pay and bonuses

    By Tom Pride (satire?) Anti-poverty campaigners are renewing their call for a new tax on the state education sector after the head of Ribblesdale Primary School in Clitheroe Lancashire caused outrage by announcing she had set aside almost £8bn in basic pay and a bonus pot for teachers in the school’s infant teaching division. The…

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    Rouble devaluation. Soros’ fingerprints visible.

    By Tapestry Robert Calvert – It’s The Same – YouTube George Soros – “Black Wednesday has contributed to my personal fortune and therefore has increased my ability to do philanthropic work,” he said in 1992. George Soros who is known as the “Man Who Broke the Bank of England” in 1992 through currency speculation. He…