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    Channel 4 Employ CAGE Extremist

    By reevoguido Channel 4 has taken on a new training scheme employee for its flagship investigate current affairs programme Dispatches. However, someone at HR may have been slightly lax with background checks, because the new hire is none other than former CAGE press officer Amandla Thomas-Johnson. Aside from his work at CAGE, Thomas-Johnson used to…

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    Michael Gove on “Young Gay Love”

    By technoguido The BBC archive have dug up a clip of a dapper young Michael Gove in his journalist days reporting on a gay rights march: Michael Gove used to be a BBC reporter you know. Here he is at a gay rights march in 1993 for On The Record — BBC Archive (@BBCArchive)…

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    By WikiGuido Theresa May’s speech went down like a cup of cold sick at the Telegraph: “awful, ugly, misleading, cynical and irresponsible” And not much better at the Spectator: “A Home Secretary basing her pitch to lead her party on a stale and noxious concoction of tawdry nativism” This was the response from the Institute…


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    Met Investigates Panorama Source over Leak Of Child Sex Abuse Survivors ID

    By David Icke ‘Police are investigating a senior detective who is a confidential source for BBC’s Panorama over the leaking of secret identities of complainants in abuse cases. Communications seen by Exaro reveal that the Metropolitan Police Service’s Directorate of professional standards launched the investigation into the officer last month. : Met Investigates Panorama Source…

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    BBC Accused of Hampering the Police Investigation of Historical VIP Paedophile Ring

    By David Icke The BBC has been accused by Scotland Yard of undermining its investigation into historical child abuse and will deter victims from speaking out. BBCs Panorama programme, soon to be aired, will focus on debunking claims of child abuse by politicians and other establishment paedophiles, which comes in the wake of it’s own…

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    Russian navy warships may blockade Syria coast: Official

    By David Icke ‘Russia may use its naval forces to establish a blockade along the Syrian coastline to facilitate the delivery of armaments into Syrian territory, a senior parliamentary official says. Vladimir Komoyedov, who heads the Defense Committee of Russia’s State Duma (lower house of parliament), said the vessels of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea…

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    Press watchdog reprimands Daily Telegraph over ‘misleading’ Corbyn anti-Semitism claims

    By David Icke ‘The Daily Telegraph has been reprimanded by the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO) for making “significantly misleading” claims ‘without qualification’ about Labour MPs accusing party leader Jeremy Corbyn of being anti-Semitic. IPSO upheld a complaint by shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Ivan Lewis regarding an article published on August 15 under the headline…


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    Coke Is a Joke Influencing Science Just Like Politics

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola In 2015, most people would raise an eyebrow, and maybe even protest, if a cigarette company like Philip Morris (which created brands like Marlboro) was funding research by a public health organization like, say, the American Lung Association. The potential conflict is obvious, as organizations receiving large sums of…

  • The Smoking Gun Media Failed to Address — Funds from Monsanto Hidden?

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Conflicts of interest are nothing new, but these days they have become more or less routine — an integral part of how entire industries operate. The industries making the heaviest use of the “third-party approach,” in which front groups, academics, and “independent” researchers are used to promote an agenda,…

  • Flu Vaccine: The Unpredictable Prediction

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Last year’s (2014 to 2015) flu season was said to be one of the worst in years… and the flu vaccine, widely pushed by public health organizations as the best way to prevent influenza, was a major failure. In January 2015, data from the US Centers for Disease Control…

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    FDA Shamed in Media for Slow Reaction on Mercury

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Amalgam, typically referred to as “silver fillings,” is a consumer fraud perpetuated by those who, through the years, have stood to gain from its continued sale. This includes the American Dental Association Health Foundation, the non-profit research arm of the American Dental Association (ADA), which held patents on two…

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    The Paleo Lifestyle: Why You Should Be Living It

    By Adam Trainor Chances are that most of you who have come across this article are already somewhat familiar with the Paleo diet and how it works. For those of you who are not so familiar, let me break it down for you real simply. What is The Paleo Diet? Put boldly, the Paleo diet…



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    Germans could lose jobs and children for posting anti-mass immigration views on Facebook

    By Tapestry by Steve Goode • October 4, 2015 • 14 Comments German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, to stop Germans from making comments against mass immigration on Facebook. In Germany, Facebook is now being patrolled by the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers, a government affiliated group which…

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    Putin – Russia is not the aggressor of the world.

    By Tapestry Putin makes the case for Russia. He points out Russia only has two military bases abroad, both next to Afghanistan and both invited by the countries’ governments to protect against destabilisation. Russia spends one tenth the amount the US does on arms. Russia has no aggressive stance on anything, only to defend her…

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    If You Watch This Without Tearing Up – You May Not Be Human!

    By Gordon (Before It’s News) The Prison–industrial complex (PIC) (and…there IS a Prison Industrial Complex) is the rapid expansion of the US inmate population through the political influence of private prison companies and businesses that supply goods and services to other private AND government prison agencies. Such groups include corporations that contract prison labor, construction…

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