Did A Fire Spirit Touch My Arm?

By indianinthemachine2 Did A Fire Spirit Touch My Arm? After years of calling in the air spirits… I’ve also been calling in the fire, earth and water spirits… always figuring an invitation is better than nothing… … I’m just starting a fire for a teepee camp here… Notice the flame on my arm is different […]

YouGov/Sun: No 52%, Yes 48% Survation/Record: No 53%, Yes 47%

By WikiGuido EXCL: Britain will hold together – but only just, YouGov/Sun poll on #indyref tonight predicts; No 52%, Yes 48% (1/5) http://t.co/XGbxNhr6gm — Tom Newton Dunn (@tnewtondunn) September 17, 2014 Final Survation #indyref poll puts No 53% Yes 47% All fieldwork carried out over phone in last 24 hours. http://t.co/fkTpYFyp8A — David Clegg (@davieclegg) […]

Children In Florida To Be Given Satanic Information

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By Chris Carrington A group called the Satanic Temple is to start distributing information about their practices and beliefs to school children in Florida. Last month the authorities decided that they would permit the distribution of religious materials in Florida schools, and the Satanic Temple claim to be a religion so they can legally give […]

Taiwan Backs Scottish Freedom

By WikiGuido Those crazy Taiwanese video guys have made another video, this time giving us the latest news from Scotland: “We here in Tawian understand that no amount of false promises are enough to sate the people’s desire for FREEDUM!” Tagged: Freedom for Scotland, GuyNews.TV Visit Site

Hillary Clinton Bombshell: Whistle Blower Tells Investigators That State Department Shredded Benghazi Records

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By Mac Slavo Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, who oversaw the State Department during the Benghazi attacks that led to the deaths of four Americans, may soon face Federal charges for tampering with and destroying evidence. According to retired State Department whistle blower Raymond Maxwell, he caught Clinton’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of […]

Good Day to Bury Bad Poos

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By WikiGuido If Guido were to com-pile a list of really sh*t press releases dumped out by the government, this would probably come in at number two. Apparently: “Thousands of people every year will be asked by their GP or other healthcare professional to give a stool (poo) sample for testing. A lot of people […]

Syria criticizes exclusion from anti-ISIS talks

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By david-icke ‘A senior Syrian official Tuesday criticized the international community for excluding Damascus from recent talks on building a coalition to tackle the ISIS group. Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Moqdad, quoted by state news agency SANA, expressed “astonishment” that Syria was not invited to the talks, which were attended by countries that Damascus claims […]

Dealing With Ebola Infected Corpses

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By Lizzie Bennett Many people who have succumbed to Ebola have contracted the disease from handling and disposal of the corpses of loved ones. There is much information out there of how to avoid catching Ebola, setting up a sick room etc, but there is little mention of disposal of infected corpses. In a national […]

France is ‘sick’: Economy Minister

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France’s newly appointed Economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, has said the country is “sick,” urging immediate reforms to tackle record high unemployment, ballooning public deficit and a stagnant economy. Macron made the comments during an interview with French radio on Wednesday. “France is sick. It’s not well. We have to describe the situation as it is,” […]

Hodge Confesses: “I Made a Mistake”

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By WikiGuido Margaret Hodge has spoken about her car smash this morning: “This morning driving into work in busy traffic I made a mistake and collided with a man driving a motorcycle. I immediately asked a passerby by to ring an ambulance… Fortunately, the driver was fine and the motorcycle suffered minimal damage.” Playing it […]

How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies

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By david-icke ‘With the unveiling of the Apple Watch Tuesday in Cupertino, California, Apple is attempting to put technology somewhere where it’s never been particularly welcome. Like a pushy date, the Apple Watch wants to get intimate with us in a way we’re not entirely used to or prepared for. This isn’t just a new […]

Untested GMO bananas to move directly to human experimentation

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By david-icke ‘Human trials with a new genetically modified (GM) banana with artificial levels of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene are set to begin this fall without prior animal testing. Researchers plan to feed the “frankenfruit” to college students attending Iowa State University (ISU), though details outlining how the study will be conducted and whether […]

The average home has two washing machines

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By Tapestry modern detergents contain nano-particles which penetrate membranes in the nose/lungs and get your brain to eat itself. Source. Dr Munro of Breakspear Hospital, author of Chemical Children. The brain is the target every time. Switch from Lever Brothers/Procter & Gamble detergents to Bio D. Switch off your TV. The Tap Blog is a […]

Federal government may seize and shut down all internet sites that don’t push vaccines during a national emergency pandemic

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By david-icke ‘If you aren’t saving off articles, downloading important MP3 audio files and printing off vital information that might save your life in a pandemic outbreak, you may soon find yourself completely cut off from all holistic or alternative information on the web. Under an executive order signed by President Obama in 2012, the […]

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