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    Fear of Freedom?

    By Allison by jollygeri An incredible realization is that much of humanity has fear of freedom. Yep, sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why would humans fear freedom? Many think that they want it, but they do nothing significant about it ~ because they fear freedom. For the most part, I would say that it is due…

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    Indian Country Needs More Anarchy

    By kyoung4 I do not buy into the idea that human nature is destructive and harmful. Even with the traumas I have endured at the hands of other humans, I never have believed that we are essentially bad. With everything I have learned to this point, I am led to understand humans as essentially a…

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    US undermines global stability: Putin

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of undermining the global stability by trying to impose its will on other countries. Visit Site

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    Yvette’s Plan to Criminalise the World’s Oldest Profession

    By WikiGuido A Labour government would consider plans to criminalise the world’s oldest profession. Yvette Cooper was weighing up announcing in her party conference speech that if she became Home Secretary she would make nooky with hookers illegal. In the end the proposal was cut from the final draft. Since the sex industry is now…


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    By Contributing Author Image Credits: NIAID, Flickr Hospitals altering patient diagnoses to stave off public panic? A Missouri medical professional disclosed on today’s episode of the Alex Jones Show that doctors he’s friends with at other hospitals have seen patients exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms, such as extreme hemorrhagic bleeding, and that those patients were promptly ushered…

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    FBI warns media that ISIS affiliate plans to kidnap journalists

    By Contributing Author Reuters / Stringer Reporters are now being warned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that extremists affiliated with the so-called Islamic State have been “tasked with kidnapping journalists,” according to the Washington Post. The FBI warned in a memo sent out Thursday that “credible information” obtained by the bureau suggests that an…



    By indianinthemachine2 AA MICHAEL: THE RHYTHM OF NEW BEGINNINGS via Meredith Murphy 23 October 2014 – 1:46pm | eva sophia Channeler: Meredith Murphy Message from the Archangel Michael THE RHYTHM OF NEW BEGINNINGS ~ Channeled by Meredith Murphy – Oct 19, 2014 Hello beloved friends. Today we wish to speak of new beginnings. You…

  • Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers

    By indianinthemachine2 Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers Folks… the Ashtar Command cigar-shaped spaceships have been appearing all over the world… earth leaders are impotent to do anything about it… this time Oct 21, near the ISS. From Examiner: “Newly released video from the International Space Station’s (ISS) Live…

  • Saint Germain: Ebola and Other Fears

    By indianinthemachine2 Saint Germain: Ebola and Other Fears Ashtar On The Road Teleconference October 14, 2019 “Greetings! I am Saint Germain and I come with so much Gratitude, it is almost beyond my ability to express! At the same time that I congratulate you for being willing to look at Truth and shine the Light…


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    BBC America now almost half-owned by US cable company AMC

    By david-icke ‘BBC America has just become much more American, after US cable television broadcaster AMC acquired a 49.9pc stake in the business. BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, sold the minority share for $200m, in a deal which will allow BBC America to cut costs as the same time as gaining access to AMC’s…

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    Police Use of Drones May Threaten Human Rights: UN Expert

    By david-icke ‘The increasing use of drones by police forces and private security may pose a threat to human rights, a United Nations independent expert has said. ‘An armed drone, controlled by a human from a distance, can hardly do what police officers are supposed to do—use the minimum force required by the circumstances,’ Christof…

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    Paedophile seeking £100,000 in damages

    By david-icke ‘A convicted child sex offender is seeking up to £100,000 in damages for being featured on a Facebook page which claims to monitor paedophiles in Northern Ireland, the High Court has heard.’ : Paedophile seeking £100,000 in damages Visit Site


  • Quote of the Day

    By WikiGuido Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann on Cameron’s refusal to pay the £1.7 billion EU bill by December 1st: “Well, then he’s gonna pay on December 2nd” Tagged: Quote of the Day Visit Site

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    Yvette’s Plan to Criminalise the World’s Oldest Profession

    By WikiGuido A Labour government would consider plans to criminalise the world’s oldest profession. Yvette Cooper was weighing up announcing in her party conference speech that if she became Home Secretary she would make nooky with hookers illegal. In the end the proposal was cut from the final draft. Since the sex industry is now…

  • ‘Tis the Eve of St Crispin’s Day, Dave…

    By Guido Fawkes On which day, according to Shakespeare, the leader of the English told the herald of the Constable of France: Come thou no more for ransom, gentle herald: They shall have none, I swear, but these my joints; Which if they have as I will leave ‘em them, Shall yield them little, tell…

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    By Anon Michael Joseph Hall (above) is being blamed for the 22 October 2014 attack in Canada’s capital of Ottawa. Reportedly, Hall shot dead Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Reportedly, Hall was later killed inside the Canadian parliament by ‘Sergeant-At-Arms’ Kevin Vickers, who worked for the Canadian police for 29 years. Reportedly, this is Corporal Nathan Cirillo…

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Saville And The 9th Circle

This video demonstrates how the news media faked the 9/11 terror plot…


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    The disturbing case of whistleblower child-abuse victim, Melanie Shaw

    By thecolemanexperience The recent despicable treatment of Melanie Shaw by the British establishment clearly highlights the utter contempt this filth have for child-abuse victims. Melanie has recently been the victim of state harassment and false imprisonment for daring to speak about the abuse she suffered at the Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottingham. Despite bravely standing…

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    Is Britain’s CSA inquiry being deliberately sabotaged?

    By thecolemanexperience Is Britain’s CSA inquiry being deliberately sabotaged? Last month we posted the following: ” It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that the filthy British Establishment will stop at nothing to keep a lid on their sordid child-raping secrets. Their usual tactic of smearing and vilifying victims and witnesses who come forward is…

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    Kate Middleton’s mysterious pregnancy

    By thecolemanexperience Kate Middleton has been suffering from morning sickness. Have you Kate? Have you really? After months out of the limelight, the freeloading, benefit -scrounger, dragged herself away from her sick-bag and made a rare public engagement. Even the corrupted and sycophantic press had to admit that she didn’t look pregnant at all when…

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    Why did Margaret Thatcher love paedophiles?

    By thecolemanexperience We all know Tory heroine Margaret Thatcher loved to befriend paedophiles. Quite why she enjoyed the company of child-raping filth so much is a complete and utter mystery. Her sickeningly close relationship with murderous VIP pimp Jimmy Savile was the mere tip of the iceberg where Israel- loving Maggie was concerned. You see,…

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    The weird world of Simon Hughes

    By thecolemanexperience It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that there is something seriously wrong with the British Establishment. From Parliament to Royalty via Intel, the whole filthy lot of them are steeped in satanic and paedophilic practises that would sicken the average person, if they but knew the half of it. Amongst their most…

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    Sly old Fiona Woolf and the CSA cover-up

    By thecolemanexperience If you thought for one minute that Theresa May and David Cameron are serious about investigating VIP child-abuse in this country it’s time to think again. They slyly announced in September that Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf would be replacing Elizabeth Butler-Sloss as head of the CSA inquiry. That decision in itself was all…


  • Throughout history innocent people have been persecuted ………

    By Wolfie I have just spoken to Chris and it is more than bloody obvious that he is being improperly persecuted and harassed by the SS aka Social Services who it seems are determined to get his grandson Clayton at any cost despite his and our efforts to stop them from doing so. This matter…

  • Essex And Beyond

    By Needlz Christopher Spivey Its kind of ironic that Chief Inspector Ben Hodder of the wholly corrupt Essex Police force is facing court next month charged with making indecent images of children… Or put another way he had child porn on his computer, something that I most certainly did not have on my computers until…

  • I hear the ticking of the clock

    By Needlz Christopher Spivey Good morning, afternoon or evening to all of you second class citizens who like to visit this site. And no, that isn’t an insult as I am sure you know, being as I am a second class citizen myself. I mean, the fact that you are should by now have become…

  • Dear Confused

    By Needlz Christopher Spivey After ringing up the Post Office three times last week I finally got told that the Police had told them NOT to deliver my mail. This fact in turn prompted me to ask the mush to put that it writing, to which he said that he would. And surprise, surprise, it…

  • On Yer Sparks

    By Needlz Chris Spivey/John Hamer Well I suppose I best get back to work then and what better way to start than with an exposé of the 7/7 London bombings written by my friend John Hamer, author of the excellent book ‘The Falsification of History’ – amongst others. I am also pleased to tell you…

  • Here Come The Men In Tights

    By Needlz Christopher Spivey Trying to second guess the men in tights and stay one step ahead of them is a fucking nightmare. However, it is really important to do so when your name is Christopher Spivey from Rochford in Essex and even more so when, according to Wolfie “the spooks are all over us”…

  • A site news special

    By Needlz Chris Spivey/ Fabooka De Stait. Where does the time go? I mean, once again I haven’t been able to write anything new – apart from this of course – although I am fighting fit and raring to go. Now, this is the first time that I have actually been on the site today…


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On The Self

“When people are convinced that the self is untrustworthy, for whatever reasons, or that the universe is not safe, then instead of luxuriating in the use of their abilities, exploring the physical and mental environments, they begin to pull in their realities to contract their abilities, to overcontrol their environments. They become frightened people and frightened people do not want freedom, mental or physical. They want shelter, a definite set of rules. They want to be told what is good and bad. They lean toward compulsive behavior patterns. They seek out leaders – political, scientific or religious – who will order their lives for them.”

Asking For Help

“…you must be willing to be kindly to yourself. You must believe that when you send out pleas, they are indeed answered, no matter how impersonal the universe may seem at times. “You must realize that your personal self grows as naturally out of that universe as, in other terms, any star does, or any flower, or any oak leaf. You are a part of that system. AND WHEN YOU SEND OUT A PLEA, YOU DO INDEED SET THE UNIVERSE IN MOTION, SO THAT THE PLEA IS ANSWERED! And so do you also send help to others, often even when you are not aware of it, as a flower sends out help to someone simply because it is beautiful…”
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