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Zetas Say Nibiru’s Tail Will Lick Earth With Red Dust And Larger Objects, Aligning With Ancient Kolbrin Prophecies

By indianinthemachine2 Zetas Say Nibiru’s Tail Will Lick Earth With Red Dust And Larger Objects, Aligning With Ancient Kolbrin Prophecies Well, this is very very interesting… folks why am I so diligent to follow this story? It is because all prophecies are aligning and the Zetas are providing some very up-to-date info., on important matters…

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    Questions for Jahangir Akhtar

    By gojam Originally posted on Rotherham Politics: Following up on the report in this weeks Advertiser regarding Jahangir Akhtar’s taxi licence suspension, we have a number of direct questions for Jahangir: What did you know about the uses of taxis for CSE in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when you were the single most…

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    Mandolin Wind

    By gojam The Friday Night Song Visit Site

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    US Senator ‘Disproves Climate Change’ By Lobbing a Snowball

    By technoguido <script src=””></script&gt; Senator James Inhofe caused a bit a comotion in the Senate chamber yesterday when he illustrated his belief that climate change is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” by lobbing a snowball. “Do you know what this is? It’s a snowball, and that’s just from outside here. So…



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    MMR vaccines contain cells from aborted human babies

    By By Julie Wilson staff writer (NaturalNews) The recent hysteria propagated by the dinosaur media regarding the latest measles outbreak is beyond illogical and simply based on a patchwork of lies and misinformation. News of the recent “Disneyland measles outbreak” has brought forth a sudden myriad of self-proclaimed… Visit Site

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    Is Milk Healthy or Not?

    By atrainor As Americans we’ve been programmed to think that milk is an integral part of our diet, and that without it we won’t get the calcium we need to keep bones strong and our bodies healthy. Not every culture drinks milk, however, and it seems that their bones and bodies are doing just fine….

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    Standing increases longevity and builds telomeres

    By By Talya Dagan (NaturalNews) Standing up is good for your health. People who stand live longer and have longer telomeres, an indicator of good health and longevity. Sitting is tied to disease and aging. Research has now shown that standing instead of sitting can prevent telomere shortening. Circuit… Visit Site

  • Relax, You’ll Feel Better

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola While 99 percent of Americans feel relaxation is important, most spend less than 5 percent of their day in pursuit of it, according to a survey commissioned by, fittingly, a major cruise line.1 After you’ve done all of the ‘must-dos” of your day, you may simply feel you don’t…