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    2000 Miles

    By gojam The Friday Night Song Visit Site

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    WATCH: Downturn Abbey 2014

    By WikiGuido Starring Quentin Letts, Kevin Maguire, Isabel Hardman and Miranda Green. Happy Christmas… Via This Week. Tagged: BBC, GuyNews.TV Visit Site

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    Express Staff Told: Ban This Sick Filth

    By WikiGuido A mass influx of migrant fleas flooding the Daily Express newsroom has swept panic across the paper. Journalists were in chaos last night as hundreds of the blood-scrounging bugs descended past lapse security controls and arrived in their besieged office. Concerned Arts editor Clair Woodward vowed to launch a crackdown on newsroom filth…

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    Kendall House Review and The Church of England

    By gojam Due to a number of issues with the Church of England, the Kendall House Review will not be making an appearance for 2014, after several months of delays. It is now neck and neck with the Governments Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Inquiry that has also been riddled with problems and delays. They both…


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    Sony Hack Bears Hallmarks of U.S. Intelligence Operation

    By Contributing Author The Obama administration considers Sony’s inability to secure its computer network and allowing unknown hackers access to confidential information to be a serious breach of national security. White House spokesman Josh Earnest did not say North Korea was responsible for the hack. Instead, the accusation was made Wednesday by an anonymous government…

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    Bulgaria ammo factory blast kills one

    A worker has been reportedly killed and four others injured in a powerful blast at an ammunition factory in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. Visit Site

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    Bathing Man Grabbed By Testicles and Beaten; SWAT Lied to Get Raid

    By Activist Post By Amanda Warren Chad Chadwick, a Texas man with a clean record, is still trying to live down the multiple nightmares unleashed upon him by a SWAT team three years ago. Because none of those nightmares ended with the lurid and violent raid. What would precipitate a raid for someone who had…


  • Strategies to Address and Reduce Holiday-Related Stress and Grief

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola For many, November and December are a favorite time of year, with major holidays bringing family and friends together. But it can also be an incredibly stressful time, as party planning, extra cooking and shopping, not to mention navigating potentially difficult family dynamics, might stretch you to your limits….

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    Collapsing oil prices to slow green revolution as energy costs plummet

    By By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) As oil prices tumble — some industry experts say prices could collapse to $40 a barrel — the global economy is being reshaped in ways that are going to be beneficial to economic growth, personal incomes and industrial expansion.But the same collapse in prices won’t… Visit Site