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    Saturday Seven Up

    By WikiGuido This week 155,176 visitors visited 427,163 times viewing 674,688 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: WATCH: Angry Burnham’s Newsnight Nightmare Amjad Bashir Accused of Lying Over Respect Party Links UKIP Spinning Bashir ‘Met With Terror Organisation’ PMQs SKETCH: Ed’s Weapon Backfires GUY NEWS SPECIAL: Free Amjad Bashir Protest Outside CCHQ…

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    Killer Queen

    By gojam The Friday Night Song. Visit Site


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    Oil Wars: Pop! Goes the Weasel…

    By Contributing Author When I was a young child growing up in America, a popular silly children’s rhyme was called Pop! goes the Weasel. One verse went: A penny for a spool of thread, A penny for a needle — That’s the way the money goes, Pop! goes the weasel. The “weasel” known as the…

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    Despite All The Snow, Barack Obama’s Sick Obsession With Climate Change Rages On

    By Michael Snyder Despite a “tidal wave” of snow that could potentially dump three feet of the white stuff on New York City, Barack Obama continues to insist that global warming is the “greatest threat” that humanity is facing. And in his second term he is making the fight against climate change one of his…

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    Infographic: 15 Winter Veggies You Should Be Eating Right Now

    By Daisy Luther Ask anyone who’s not a gardener what’s in season right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait here, because it won’t take long. Did you get met with a blank stare and perhaps some mention of potatoes and onions? We’ve become so far removed from the land that most folks don’t even know what…

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    A Preparedness Use for Old Hard Drives. Expand Your Digital Library & Resources!

    By Contributing Author If you have an old computer, desktop or laptop, that is not working and just sitting gathering dust, then this article is for you! Preppers believe in redundancy. Most usually have backups to their backups. At least, this is true when we are talking about water, food, medical supplies and ways to…

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    Dumbed-Down America, Propaganda and Weaponized Social Media with Brandon Turbeville

    By Chris Carrington After finding out that our world has been under the influence of propaganda since the beginning of written history, it only makes sense that our society is uninformed and doesn’t care about what is happening in their world. According to Brandon Turbeville that is exactly what we are up against. He references…


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    U.S. prison system a corporate-run “neo-slavery” trap

    By By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) Are U.S. prison systems really little more than institutions that foment and perpetuate “neo-slavery”? Award-winning journalist Chris Hedges believes so.In a recent interview with investigative journalist Ben Swann, Hedges said that many inmates work eight hours… Visit Site

  • Does Smiling Cause Wrinkles?

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola If you develop deep smile lines in old age, consider yourself lucky. It’s a visible sign that you’ve been blessed with a life full of smiles. Of course, not only smiles will be revealed. Any time you make a facial expression, whether that be a smile, a frown, or…

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    Killing Off the Monarchs

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola The Monarch butterfly population in North America is in serious trouble. Their numbers are shrinking at a staggering rate because so much of their habitat, the milkweed plant, has been destroyed by destruction of grasslands for the purpose of growing pesticide resistant corn and soy. Milkweeds are critical to…

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    Insect cuisine coming soon to a store near you – Can bugs feed the world?

    By By Carolanne Wright (NaturalNews) “Stinkbugs have an apple flavor, and red agave worms are spicy. A bite of tree worm apparently brings pork rinds to mind,” reports National Geographic. “This information will come in handy for those of us following the latest recommendation from the United Nations: Consume… Visit Site



    By Kah Sa Bennu Benei Elohim Visit Site

  • burnout bulb

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  • By indianinthemachine2 2015 Superbowl “Counter Protocol Of Light” Event, To Neutralize Effects Of Known Public Satanic Ritual Performances Thank you, Pamela, and others just like you, who are going to use these events for good instead of evil, by coming together for a common purpose for peace and harmony… may we the steward race…

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  • Wanderers

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  • Alcyone

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  • 10 Herbs For Hair Growth

    By bodymindsoulspirit by Cathy Ongking Baldness, thinning hair, receding hairline – whatever you want to call it, hair loss is a concern many experience particularly during mid to late adulthood. Even though males are usually prone to hair loss, females are not exempted from this condition too, especially with the advent of treatments such as…


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    (Facepalm) Daily Telegraph: tax dodging Monaco Tory billionaire hates Labour

    By Tom Pride (not satire – it’s the Telegraph!) I’m afraid the woeful state of British journalism is being more than adequately illustrated in the lead-up to the general election. For example, just today, the Daily Telegraph has an extraordinary story about how Boots boss Stefano Pessina thinks it would be a “catastrophe” if Ed…

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    Cannabis Oil Unveiled

    By Eddie Although I’ve been aware of the recent positive feedback of cannabis oil to various serious diseases, I was still skeptical to consider this as a viable solution for certain health Full Article » Visit Site

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    Magna Carta created no rights. It only encoded rights that already existed.

    By Tapestry From the Your Constitution, Your Health conference a few months ago. Trial by combat. The right to rebel against the monarch. Bearing of arms. Diffidatio. Petitions to The Queen. Her failure to uphold Magna Carta and The Bill Of Rights. Judge Peake, Birkenhead. Precedent. Common Law cannot be repealed. Visit Site