Chris Spivey arrested in 2am raid

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By thecolemanexperience Brilliant writer, Chris Spivey, has been arrested in a night-time raid on his home by the desperate powers-that-be. Chris, who is edging ever and ever closer to the truth about the Woolwich hoax, has obviously rattled the filth who run this country , and they’ve been forced into a pathetic rearguard action by […]

Ebola: What You’re Not Being Told

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By The Daily Sheeple There is something very, very important that the corporate media and public health officials are not telling you regarding the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. From StormCloudsGathering – for a transcript of this video and links to sources, please see the related article here. Delivered by The Daily Sheeple Contributed by […]

False flags be damned. Germany and Russia want peace.

By Tapestry Germany and Russia have been working on a secret plan to broker a peaceful solution to end international tensions over Ukraine. The Independent can reveal that the peace plan, being worked on by both Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, hinges on two main ambitions: stabilising the borders of Ukraine and providing the financially […]


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By Contributing Author Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons Model State Emergency Health Powers Act “could turn governors into dictators” Federal health authorities could exercise authoritarian powers to control an Ebola outbreak if the deadly disease hits the United States under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, legislation passed in the wake of 9/11 which attracted […]

George Bush’s pandemic emergency will be used to fill his concentration camps. It’s the vaccines that kill millions in pandemics not the disease.

By Tapestry The convenient thing about Bush’s “pandemic emergency” is that it can be declared on a whim with no evidence needed, and can be defined as existing in an area without the presence of any disease whatever being present. Natural News, now suspected as an agent of the elite, has declared that Ebola has […]

The Siege of Crawberry Hill. Stop the motherfrackers!

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By Tapestry Great anthem at 7 minutes. ‘This land is all’31st July 2014 On Friday 13th June 2014, the Crawberry Hill Protection Communitycommenced the construction project now known as Crawberry Castle. This iconic structure stands at the entrance of Rathlin Energy’s Crawberry Hill wellsite, less than three miles east of Beverley, located in the beautiful […]

SPEAKER WATCH: Bercow’s Choice for New Clerk of Commons

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By WikiGuido The new Clerk of the Commons has been selected but not appointed, Guido understands. The letter is at No. 10, and David Cameron will now decide whether to pass the Speaker’s recommendation to the Queen. And who is John Bercow’s choice for the £190,000-a-year guardian of Commons propriety? Who will be sitting at […]


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By Outlaw WHILE GAZA BURNS…. By Daily Wales correspondent As Israel’s Operation Protective Edge moves into its fourth week of murder and mayhem, the response from Labour’s Welsh Government has been non-existent. Unlike our cousins in Scotland, Carwyn Jones’ administration has yet to offer any words of comfort to the people of Gaza, let alone […]

California Drought Spreading

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By Chris Carrington Image: US Drought Monitor The US Drought Monitor is reporting that 58% of California is now affected by a the crippling drought, and that it is spreading at an unprecedented rate. The agency has five levels of alert, with ‘exceptional drought’ the current level in California, listed as the most serious. The […]

Speaker Probed on Sally Pal’s ‘Agent’ Boast

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By WikiGuido John Bercow will be delighted to have been given another chance to explain himself after he dodged questions about his pass-for-donor mystery. Rob Wilson has this afternoon also asked the Speaker to comment on why Farah Sassoon has been going around telling people she is Sally’s agent: “I do note however, that you […]

Kiev Deploys WMDs Against Eastern Ukraine

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By Contributing Author Ukraine’s Kiev-based regime has deployed OTR-21 Tochka ballistic missiles also known as SS-21 “Scarabs,” against the people of eastern Ukraine. The missiles measure 6.4 meters in length and carry warheads of up to 454 kg, making them without a doubt a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). Their use was revealed by a […]

Another Politically Correct ASA Ruling Chris Smith’s Council Vetoes Criticism of Anti-Smoking Ad

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By WikiGuido The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), chaired by renowned part-time floods expert Chris Smith, has bizarrely overturned a ruling by its executive criticising a “misleading” Department for Heath anti-smoking advert. During an 18 month investigation, the ASA’s executive on three separate occasions upheld a complaint by smokers’ rights group Forest, which had accused a […]


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By Contributing Author Image Credits: dantekgeek / Flickr Announcement raises concerns that officials are encouraging illegals to support big government The Environmental Protection Agency is targeting Spanish-only speakers in an upcoming public relations campaign, raising concerns that bureaucrats are already encouraging illegal aliens from Central America – potential future voters – to support big government. […]

Ed’s Cousin: Miliband Family’s Comedy Genius

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By WikiGuido Meet Dr Mike Keen, an impressively moustachioed former police surgeon and GP who lives in Watford. He is also happens to be the son of Ralph Miliband’s sister Anna, making him Ed Miliband’s cousin. Here he is in an old family snap with the future Labour leader: It turns out Mike got all […]

Gender Segregated Editorial Meeting at Guardian

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By WikiGuido The patriarchal norm of heteronormative gender oppression at King’s Place is being forced to check its male privilege. Girl power at the Guardian has inspired female staff to mark the departure of wimmin’s editor Jane Martinson with a wimmin-only editorial meeting next month: As Jane Martinson is standing down as women’s editor it […]

Reality Check for McPangloss

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By Guido Fawkes John McTernan must surely be nearing peak McPangloss in The Scotsman this morning… “…today, no-one has ever doubted Ed Balls’s brilliance. What no-one could anticipate was quite how brilliantly he would grow into his role.” Guido likes McTernan, he has a dry wit, with a certain concentrated menace that lurks in his […]

Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

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By david-icke ‘Now that the world has been put on notice about Ebola, it’s time to try facts instead of scare tactics. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the primary reporting agency on case numbers and deaths. Taking their stats with a few grains of salt, but recognizing that mainstream accounts come from WHO, here […]

UK hospital accused of selling body parts for booze

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By david-icke ‘A leading cancer hospital is to be investigated following allegations that one of its staff members exchanged human body samples for whisky and cash. The calls to investigate Christies NHS foundation trust came after the accusation was made by an anonymous whistleblower, prompting British MP Rosie Cooper to contact the watchdog, the Human […]

Back page of leaflet

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By Tapestry The It was most unlikely these ‘inserts’ could have known the camp was there, and therefore unlikely that they were there to spook and harass the campers. The camp is quite hard to find even in daylight when you now it’s there, being well sited in a dip in front of a tall […]

Homo Capensis is at the core of the corruption system

By Tapestry The first video won’t embed, but it’s a good one. (It did on fourth attempt)Another race. Elongated skulls. The Vatican. The Jesuits. The World Bank. See Ed Spencer’s article. Read the DNA studies.What is the motive of the secret societies that work against human beings? Articles on homo capensis have disappeared from […]

US to sell largest ever Hellfire missile cache to Iraq

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By david-icke ‘The United States is preparing to sell the Iraqi government 5,000 Hellfire missiles through a proposed $700 million deal intended to equip Baghdad with additional power as militants from the Islamic State continue to wage a campaign across the region. On Tuesday, the US State Department issued a statement announcing the preliminary approval […]

The Fukushima cover-up is worldwide

By Tapestry JAPANESE AND UN AUTHORITIES COVERING UP FUKUSHIMA PERIL By Sherwood Ross Japanese and United Nations authorities have placed “a cone of silence” over medical information an endangered Japanese public is entitled to have about the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown. “It is obvious that there is collaboration between the World Health Organization(WHO) and the […]

When Will the UN Pay For Its Crimes in Haiti? When Will Anyone?

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By david-icke ‘Since 2010 the UN has been dodging responsibility for a cholera outbreak that has killed 8,500 Haitians and sickened more than 700,000. Nepalese soldiers with the UN “peacekeeping” forces caused the outbreak by allowing their sewage to leak into Haiti’s largest river. According to the UN itself, cholera could kill 2,000 more people […]

Oh, Sheila: TX Democrat Jackson-Lee Busted Lying

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By Lily Dane Sheila “Turn in Your Guns” Jackson Lee is a gaffe queen (who, incidentally, demands to be treated like a real queen by staffers). Admittedly, some of Jackson Lee’s, er, more “zany” antics, have been harmless and quite amusing, like when she demanded that more hurricanes be given African-American sounding names, tried to […]

Bill Whittle: Can We Survive Another Year of Obama?

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By The Daily Sheeple The southern border is collapsing. Ebola is spreading. Russia is on the rise. U.S. infrastructure is crumbling. The electrical grid is in jeopardy. Can the republic suffer another year of the Obama Administration without help? Bill Whittle offers commentary on these issues here. Delivered by The Daily Sheeple Contributed by The […]

Six Philly cops indicted for kidnapping, extortion, robbery

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By (TOP L-R) Brian Reynolds, Michael Spicer, John Speiser (BOTTOM L-R) Linwood Norman, Perry Betts, Thomas Liciardello (RT / Philadelphia Police Department) Six Philadelphia police officers have been arrested on charges – including conspiracy, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and drug dealing – for a six-year racketeering scheme during which the group netted $500,000 in drugs, […]


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By Anon How do the top Jews get away with murdering so many people? John Paul II was a Jew. The Jewish Mafia likes to control everything, including the Catholic Church, the Protestant churches, and Islam. The late Pope John Paul II’s mother (Emily Katz), grandmother and great-grandmother were Jewish. John Paul “played as a […]

This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America

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By Michael Snyder If the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history reaches the United States,federal law permits “the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”. These individuals can be ”detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”. In other words, the federal […]

WATCH: Hannity v Brand

By WikiGuido Fans of seeing Russell Brand be made to look foolish will enjoy watching him get the Sean Hannity treatment on Fox News: Fair and balanced as ever… Tagged: GuyNews.TV, Media Guido Visit Site

Prince Philip’s dirty little secrets

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By thecolemanexperience What do we really know about beloved consort, Prince Philip? At first glance he appears to be no more than a racist, ignorant, benefit- scrounging Greek immigrant. Look a little deeper though and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges of a sordid character up to his neck in filth of the highest order. […]

Bye Bye Blue Boar: Intercontinental OUT of Westminster

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By Neo-Guido After opening with much fanfare in late 2012, the Intercontinental Hotel in Westminster attempted to establish itself as the place to be for politcos. After some initial success it’s now full of lobbyists eating overpriced food and looking over their shoulder in case someone interesting passes through, which is a rarity these days. […]

Audience Brain Waves Are Being Used to Better Predict YOU

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By Activist Post Recently, I wrote about findings showing that the brainwaves of people viewing the same movie are ‘synched.’ Some people thought this was great news, suggesting that it meant more connection and intimacy. But people who feel more disengaged or isolated by spending time with people watching media would probably doubt that suggestion […]


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By Outlaw The image above illustrates perfectly the effect of social media, @Twitter in this case, and it also demonstrates what people have become. A woman being robbed at knife point screams, “Help! Please! Someone do something!” while the people in a neighbouring building simply glance out of their window and start furiously tweeting – […]

GOLD: These Were His Salad Days

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By WikiGuido George dancing to Gold Spandau Ballet,not joking (irony) deliberately avoided the guy who’s bent over snorting a line— Natalie Rowe (@RealNatalieRowe) July 30, 2014 “Remember we were partners in crime…” Tagged: Drugs, Freedom to Party, Osborne Visit Site

80% of Tory Candidates Selected This Week Were Men

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By WikiGuido 52 year old Graham Cox will defend Mike Weatherley’s 1,868 majority down in Hove, after he beat the slightly more photogenic female candidate Kristy Adams at last night’s selection. That means four of the five Tory selections that took place this week were won by blokes. Peter Anthony won in Blackpool South, Jeremy […]

Tory Secretary of State Ups Ante in Bercow Pass Row ++ Grayling: “Passes Should Not Be Given Out Lightly” ++ ++ Justice Secretary Says Right That Speaker Faces Questions ++

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By WikiGuido Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has weighed into the row over why John Bercow gave a parliamentary pass to a woman funding his re-election campaign. Responding to a question from Guido at his press conference this morning, Grayling warned: “It’s certainly the case that passes to the House of Commons should not be given […]

Quote of the Day

By WikiGuido Knifed former civil service chief Bob Kerslake on his recent troubles: “Many thks for kind wishes following back opn. Incision measured 16cm. A pretty big knife in the back! Photos on request.” Tagged: Quote of the Day Visit Site

Razing Gaza: Before and after satellite images show the true devastation of Israel’s bombardment as 700 homes and mosques are turned to rubble and 400 craters blight the war zone

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By david-icke ‘The obliteration of Gaza from relentless Israeli air strikes and tank shelling was laid bare today in a series of satellite images charting the escalating violence across the region. Analysis from UN satellite experts reveal how hundreds of buildings have been razed to the ground in a series of attacks that have killed […]

Tap does 500,000 page downloads in July

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By Tapestry The page download counter is on 490,000. With the rest of the day to go, it should clear the 500,000 bar for the first time later on today. July’s been a steady month with an increased daily page download figure right through the month. Last time we nearly clipped 500,000, there was one […]

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