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    New Private Poll: Corbyn 22 Points Clear

    By WikiGuido The Mirror have got hold of some more private Labour polling: Burnham slips to third place, Corbyn still well out in front… Tagged: Labour Leadership, Labour Party, Polls Visit Site

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    Twitter Outrage Bus Crash

    By technoguido Social media collectively jumped on the outrage bus after the story of Caroline Starmer, who claimed on Facebook that her baby was snatched from her breast by a Primark security guard. A Twitter mob formed and demanded that the police arrest the ‘guilty’ security man: Can you IMAGINE some security guard physically grabbing…

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    Don’t Miss Anything on Holiday

    By Guido Fawkes Subscribe – for free – to the Guidogram and every evening you will receive a short, sharp round up of the day’s political news that can be read in less than 5 minutes – 7 days-a-week. Hit the beach this August safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss anything that matters……

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    Where Eagle Dares… to Hire Unpaid Interns

    By Neo-Guido Here is Angela Eagle slamming unpaid internships during the election campaign: She could not have been clearer about them: “Let me assure you, we will legislate to stop this happening, and everybody – whether it is our own party or any other part of the country – will have to make sure there…



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    10 Incredible Benefits of Matcha Tea

    By Adam Trainor Matcha is the highest quality green tea you can find and is full of the health benefits your body craves. This pure green tea is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, has been shown to fight cancer, can help you lose weight, and offers a calm focus while keeping you energized. Is…

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    Mammograms Again Found to Have No Impact on Mortality

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Do annual mammograms save lives? Several studies over the past few years have concluded that mammograms do not save lives, and may actually harm more women than they help, courtesy of false positives, overtreatment, and radiation-induced cancers. According to research1 published in 2010, the reduction in mortality as a…

  • GM Salmon Headed to Rivers and Stores Near You

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been considering the approval of AquAdvantage genetically modified (GM) salmon since 1993. After reviewing the research, which reportedly came from the salmons’ creator AquaBounty, the FDA concluded in 2012 that the fish was likely safe for human consumption and would not…

  • Why Is Spicy Food Good for You?

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola About half of Americans (54 percent) enjoy spicy foods, which is considerably less than in some other areas of the world, like India, Asia, and Central America, where chili peppers and other spicy foods are considered staples.1 If you’re one of those people who love a bit of heat…

  • 10 Superfoods for Digestive Health

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola The digestive process seems simple on the surface. You put a food in your mouth, chew it up, and swallow. Then your body breaks down your food into components your body can utilize and absorb. Whatever’s left gets excreted as waste. In reality, however, digestion is a complex process…