Will alternative media be closed down after 2015 election? Listen to David Cameron’s words. Americans could be extradited to Britain.

By Tapestry Greg, It has just been announced by The Conservative Party of the UK, that should they win the 2015 General Election they will make it illegal for certain opinions to be expressed by British Citizens along with access to information classified as going ‘against British Values’. Currently, the UK has a coalition Government […]

Here’s Why You Should NOT Panic Over Ebola

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By Daisy Luther It’s true. A case of Ebola has been confirmed in the United States. And this could just be the beginning, because it looks like there may already be a second case in Dallas right now. Those of us in the preparedness community know exactly how serious this could be. We’ve read about […]

Planet X/Nibiru Effect: Blackouts, Static, Lightning, Electrical Problems, Satellite Failure, Charged Ionosphere

By indianinthemachine2 Bear Witness To Planet X/Nibiru Effect: Blackouts, Static, Lightning, Electrical Problems, Satellite Failure, Charged Ionosphere According to Zetass, we’re getting quite a large list of Planet X/Nibiru effects relating to the clashing of our magnetosphere with the dominant magnetic pull of Nibiuru including: Electrical blackouts Static on radio, television etc. Electrical problems Satellite […]

UKIP Trolls Lobby With Donation Damp Squib

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By WikiGuido Not content with inviting the press to a media reception in Doncaster and then making them pay for their own drinks, UKIP this afternoon dragged half of Her Majesty’s loyal press corp to Bristol only to disappoint them with a Thick of It-style non-announcement. Despite stoking rumours of another defection, in the end […]

There Has Been No Global Warming For Past 18 Years

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By WikiGuido Today is an inconvenient anniversary for greenies: as of 1 October there have been 18 years with no global warming. Weather satellite data collected by the Earth System Science Centre at the University of Alabama shows the earth’s temperature has “plateaued” since this day in 1996. Its director Dr John Christy says: “The […]

Sam Cam’s £99 Austerity Busting Conference Dress

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By Neo-Guido Sod the tax cuts, as ever Guido brings you the important leader’s speech news. Sam Cam was wearing a new frock from Hobbs. ‘The Penrose Wrap’ retails at a austerity-approved £149, though if she bought it online she could have picked it up for just £99! The dress is both serene and versatile, […]

Quote of the Day

By Guido Fawkes David Cameron on political promiscuity… “On May 7 you could go to bed with Nigel Farage and wake up with Ed Miliband. Not one bit of that works for me.” Visit Site

ISIS Home Base: Raqqa, Syria or Washington, D.C.?

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By david-icke ‘While mainstream media outlets in the Western world continue to shill for the White House and NATO’s plans to destroy the Syrian state and oust its democratically elected president, one notable linchpin of propaganda involves the labeling of Raqqa province in Syria as the “home base” of ISIS. For instance, in an article […]

Israel Prime Minister slams UNHRC criticism of Gaza assualt

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By david-icke ‘Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday condemned the UN Human Rights Council for criticizing Israel’s actions in Gaza, saying it encouraged militants to use human shields as a war tactic. Speaking against Israeli attacks on Gaza sends “a message to terrorists everywhere: use children as human shields,” Netanyahu said, addressing the UN […]

Fiona Woolf faces calls to declare links with Leon Brittan fully

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By Tapestry Latest from Exaro, 01 October 2014 Catholic school’s child psychotherapist exposed as paedophile Detectives discovered that a Catholic priest and teacher who masqueraded as a child psychotherapist was a “prolific paedophile”. Commentary: how paedophile Peter Morrison escaped exposure Police cover-up and UK libel laws protected top politician, says ex-editor of Sunday Mirror Fiona […]

HALF the world’s wild animals have disappeared in 40 years: Humankind held responsible for plummet in figures as report reveals the US needs 3.9 planets to sustain current lifestyle

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By david-icke ‘From the forest elephants of Africa, to India’s tigers and even our own great white sharks, wildlife is losing the battle for survival all over the world. Human activity has been blamed for the plummet in numbers, as the United States reports dwindling populations of bumblebees and polar bears – and one of […]

US resumes supply of Hellfire missiles to Israel

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By david-icke ‘The US has now supplied some of the Hellfire missiles that Israel requested in the course of the conflict with Hamas this summer, and more are on the way, The Times of Israel has learned. Washington had halted a transfer of the missiles in mid-August, with the State Department saying that weapons shipments […]

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