Australian Prime Minister: Freedom Must be Given Up for security

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By david-icke ‘Australia aims to strengthen security by introducing new legislation to combat homegrown terrorism, said PM Tony Abbott. The new laws will criminalize travel to some conflict areas and grant authorities broader access to citizens’ communications. “Regrettably, for some time to come, the delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift,” Prime […]


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By Outlaw By John Avery We know that war is madness, but it persists. We know that it threatens the survival of our species, but it persists, entrenched in the attitudes of historians, newspaper editors and television producers, entrenched in the methods by which politicians finance their campaigns, and entrenched in the financial power of […]

‘Fuck it, I quit!’ Foul-mouthed news reporter resigns live on air after revealing that she was the OWNER of the medical marijuana business she had just reported on

By david-icke ‘Viewers tuned in to KTVA-TV’s 10pm newscast last night were given a bit of a shock when the newsreader revealed the identity of the owner of a medical marijuana business – herself. Reporter Charlo Greene made the confession live on air before announcing that she was quitting using just a few choice words. […]

US funding ISIS and thousands of Syrian rebels.

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By Tapestry Obama Administration Is Paying Monthly Salaries to “THOUSANDS” of Syrian Rebels By Jim Hoft September 22, 2014 “ Now this…The Obama Administration is paying “vetted” Syrian rebels monthly salaries. Officials said the Obama administration has approved “tens of millions of dollars” to pay the salaries of police officers who joined the rebels. The […]

Totalitarianism, American Style

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By david-icke ‘We have undergone a transformation during the last few decades—what John Ralston Saul calls a corporate coup d’état in slow motion. We are no longer a capitalist democracy endowed with a functioning liberal class that once made piecemeal and incremental reform possible. Liberals in the old Democratic Party such as the senators Gaylord […]

According to the Pentagon, a mix of fighter jets, bombers and ship-based Tomahawk missiles were deployed in Syria, supposedly against “Islamic State targets in Syria”.

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By Tapestry According to the Pentagon, a mix of fighter jets, bombers and ship-based Tomahawk missiles were deployed in Syria, supposedly against “Islamic State targets in Syria”. Operations are expected to be “ongoing”, with more colourful and impressive graphics of the attacks available on CNN and FOX after the strikes were complete. US Naval Ship […]

Smugglers Threw Asylum Seekers Into Mediterranean

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By david-icke ‘The migrants paid the smugglers. Buses collected them in groups of around 100 and took them to Damietta, a port on the northeastern edge of the Nile Delta. On Sept. 6, the several hundred migrants from Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Sudan and Syria left Damietta, bound for Italy. But it wasn’t to be. […]

US won’t bomb ISIL targets in Syria alone: Samantha Power

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By david-icke ‘The United States will conduct airstrikes on the ISIL terrorist group in cooperation with other countries, said Samantha Power, Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations. Speaking to ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Power said, “I will make you a prediction, George, which is that we will not do the airstrikes […]

John Kerry’s rhetoric on Isis insults our intelligence and conceals the reality of the situation in Syria

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By david-icke ‘John Kerry is becoming more and more like William McGonagall, the “worst poet in the world” whose horror at the 1879 Tay Bridge railway disaster yielded the imperishable observation that it “will be remember’d for a very long time”. Like McGonagall’s verse, Kerry’s attempts to explain America’s crusade against its latest evil enemy […]

Coming to America

By Needlz Chris Spivey & a US Shit-Rag Someone shove a cork in that Bulls arse for fucks sake, the bullshit is coming at me that thick and fast I’m about to drown in a torrent of liquid manure. I mean come on – how surreal does it all have to get? … Cheese-us wept, […]

Senior Afghan officers missing from Mass. training exercises found trying to cross into Canada

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By Afghan National Army soldiers training in Massachusetts went missing over the weekend were found trying to cross the border into Canada on Monday. The disappearance occurred just days after two Afghan policemen disappeared in Washington, DC. The three senior military officers were participating in a US Central Command Regional Cooperation training exercise at […]

Holly Grieg

By Needlz Prisoners of Conscience International file It appears that Robert Green has been turned down for legal aid to fight his trial which takes place in January if I remember rightly. I’m telling you, the injustice that takes place in this country with regard to the common man is absolutely disgusting. Indeed, every which(…) […]

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