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US Ready to Use Nuclear, Conventional Weapons to Defend Japan

By The Daily Coin from Sputnik News According to a joint statement released on Monday, the US is ready to use nuclear and conventional weapons to defend Japan. The United States is ready to use all military options, including nuclear weapons, to defend its Japanese ally. “Central to this is the ironclad US commitment to…

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    Tiny Super Strong Robots Pull 2000 Times Their Own Weight

    By technoguido Boffins from Stanford University have created an army of tiny robots that are capable of hauling along an incredible amount of weight. The secret lies in their gecko inspired sticky feet, which use tiny rubber spikes to cling to flat surfaces. It’s the equivalent of a human dragging around a blue whale… Tagged:…

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    Never Forget That You Vote Every Single Day

    By gojam Youth votes, ethnic votes, female votes ? Understandably there has been a great deal in the media about these and every demographic that might vote on the 7th May but voting isn’t something that you do once every 5 years. Every single day you have the opportunity to vote for change, not with…

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    Farage the Musical

    By technoguido Spitting Image is back. Sort of… Written by: Pete Sinclair Tagged: GuyNews.TV, UKIP Visit Site

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    Tories Lead By 6 With Ashcroft

    By WikiGuido Following the ICM poll putting the Tories three points ahead, now Ashcroft gives them a lead of six: Labour lead by one with YouGov and three with Populus today. Meanwhile the Ashcroft focus group was asked who would play each party leader in a film of their life: Nicola Sturgeon: Dame Helen Mirren…



  • 10 Superfoods for Stress Relief

    By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Nearly 40 percent of Americans report overeating or eating unhealthy foods as a result of stress.1 While it may seem tempting to drown your anxiety in a bowl of ice cream or calm your nerves with a bag of chips… eating junk foods while stressed may be particularly dangerous…

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    US corporations generate hundreds of billions of dollars annually by bribing politicians

    By By Jonathan Benson, staff writer (NaturalNews) Corporate lobbying is big business in the U.S., where the highest bribing multinational corporations are allowed to freely siphon billions of dollars every year from the federal coffers. But few people realize just how much these monolithic corporate entities are effectively… Visit Site



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    Gallipoli was purposefully designed to fail

    By Gordon April 24, 2015 By davidjones By GERRY DOCHERTY & JIM MACGREGOR The truth about Gallipoli has, unlike its victims, been buried deep. Historians like Peter Hart who describe it as “an idiocy generated by muddled thinking”1 are justified in their anger, but not their conclusions. The campaign was conceived in London as a…

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    Company demands Tories remove director’s signature from business letter

    By Tom Pride (not satire – it’s the Tories!) Oh dear. Looks like the Tories’ letter supposedly from small business owners is already unravelling: It also appears the letter was mostly signed by Tory Party activists and people who don’t even own a business. Not surprising that, seeing as real surveys show that most small…