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Stop moaning about our bonuses: Barclays boss slaps down investors angry at bank’s pay practices

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By David Icke ‘Barclays was accused of attempting to silence criticism of its bonus culture after one of the bank’s directors slapped down a major shareholder for speaking out against its pay practices. Sir John Sunderland, chairman of the bank’s remuneration committee, was angrily heckled by shareholders after he told Standard Life’s Alison Kennedy that […]

Are You Wasting Your Life? Get Back on Track!

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By (Alexander Light) Life can be tricky. There are traps galore, and most of them we are probably not even aware of. None of us seeks to waste our lives, it just seems to happen. Awareness is the key, but it’s never so simple. Here are six signs that you may be wasting your […]

Fracking and Seismic Activity Grow Hand in Hand in Mexico

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By David Icke ‘Scientists warn that large-scale fracking for shale gas planned by Mexico’s oil company Pemex will cause a surge in seismic activity in northern Mexico, an area already prone to quakes. Experts link a 2013 swarm of earthquakes in the northern states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo León to hydraulic fracturing or fracking in […]

A mayor ordered a police raid on an innocent man’s home because he made fun of a judge on Twitter

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By David Icke ‘A raid was carried out on a man’s home recently because he made a parody Twitter account for his town’s mayor. There were many comical but embarrassing posts made to the account. According to one tweet, “Mayor Ardis utilizes illegal drugs, associates with prostitutes and utilized offensive inappropriate language.” Mayor Jim Ardis […]

Allegations of aborted fetuses burned at Oregon energy facility

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By RT The board of Marion County Commissioners said Thursday they were shocked by allegations that fetuses were being sent from Vancouver, British Columbia an into the garbage incinerator at the Covanta Marion, Inc. Energy-from-Waste facility in Brooks, Oregon. The claims have gone unverified since they were first made earlier this week in the Catholic […]

Obama Affirms US Backing for Japan in any Conflict with China

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By David Icke ‘US President Barack Obama has set the stage for formal talks today with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by provocatively telling the Yomuiri Shimbun that the US is fully committed to supporting Japan in any military conflict with China over the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea. Obama landed in […]

Female IDF Drone Jockeys Kill Gazans Remotely

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By David Icke ‘In 2008, the IDF created a new weapon (Hebrew) in its arsenal and trained a new group of fighters to use it. It was a remote-operated gun mounted on an IDF security tower along the Gaza border. The guns are operated by female IDF soldiers trained, like drone jockeys, to monitor the […]

Israeli warplanes strike northern Gaza, injure seven

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By David Icke ‘Seven Palestinians have been wounded in yet another airstrike in the northern Gaza Strip by the Israeli regime, medical sources say. Spokesman for the Gaza Strip Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra said on Wednesday that a 50-year-old man and two children had been “moderately” injured in the Israeli aerial strike on the […]

FDA moves to regulate e-cigarettes, hookah for the first time

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By RT “It’s a huge change,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a briefing Wednesday that previewed the rule. “We will have the authority as a science-based regulatory agency to take critical actions to promote and protect the health of the public.” E-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco and other tobacco products would join […]

Look At Life Through the Lens of A Top Secret File

By Alexandra Lookie what I stumbled upon just perusing the latest release on The Carter Cables…note the manner in which survival and respect determine who makes the next chess move…I didn’t read through the entire file but found it fascinating that once again NOTHING is as it appears…feeling effects of US pressure can change any […]

Another Banker Jumps to Her Death…

By Alexandra Translated from French to English A cell to shrink Bred after the suicide of an employee Lucile Métout | Published on 04/23/2014 , 6:28 p.m. send 2 reactions React Increase text size Decrease text size Print Article Any on your mobile An employee of Bred Banque Populaire , jumped from the 14th […]

WikiLeaks Releases the Carter Cables

By Alexandra FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 24, 2014 12:07 PM CONTACT: WikiLeaks +1 646 355 2040 +44 795 817 5856 WASHINGTON – April 24 – Today WikiLeaks releases the Carter Cables, 367,174 US diplomatic cables and associated records coinciding with the first year of President Jimmy Carter’s administration and the appointment of Secretary of State […]

Lilou Mace: Message of support to YOU

By Alexandra Lilou – you are such a beautiful sincere spirit and we are all blessed to have you sharing your heart with us!-A.M. Published on Apr 23, 2014 The post Lilou Mace: Message of support to YOU appeared first on Galactic Connection. Visit Site. Source: Galactic Connection

NM radiation leak blamed on management, lack of safety culture

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By RT The accident investigation report, released by the DOE’s Office of Environmental Management on Thursday, looked into the causes and handling of the radiation leak that triggered a lockdown of the entire Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) facility near Carlsbad, NM in February. The report, written by members of the Accident Investigation Board, cited […]


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By Don Nash This is a last minute contribution to our festering world of swirl. Looks like coup d’état Ukraine just might explode all over the map. That map would be of course eastern Ukraine and as the Obama gets to own this truly stupid dust up, well, so long Ms. Ukraine and your snow […]

The conspiracy most people find it impossible to take in, yet it’s entirely true

By Tapestry Hitler Debate Heats Up As New Evidence is Presented About His Escape to Argentina The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media. Visit Site. Source: The Tap

New leaks expose how the FBI directed Anonymous’ hacks

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By RT Hammond, 29, made waves last November when he defied a US federal judge’s order and told a packed New York City courtroom on the day of his sentencing that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had relied on an undercover informant to direct members of the amorphous hacking collective Anonymous to target the websites […]

TSA to pay $75k for banning breast milk at security check

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By RT Stacey Armato arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in January 2010 to fly back to Los Angeles, a flight she took once a week. According to blog Sustainable Mothering, the nursing mother “felt a bit of trepidation” because she had filed a complaint against the agency after the TSA had detained her […]


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By Matt Taylor for Brighton Kemptown 2015 Always one to look deep into space and wonder when an army of friendly aliens would turn up and help me to change the world, I am always interested in anything space orientated. Since 2012 after getting involved in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, I deal with […]

Audio of My Friend asking Supreme Justice Scalia about Taxes at University of Tennessee. Scalia said "Perhaps you should Revolt" if it gets too High.

By Sherrie Questioning All Supreme Justice Scalia was here in Knoxville on April 15th 2014 to speak at the University of Tennessee for the annual Rose Lecture. At the end of his speech he took questions. One question has been covered by Fox news and other MSM outlets. It was about high taxes, his answer […]

Costa Rica demands explanation over US-created ‘Cuban Twitter’

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By RT When the Associated Press reported earlier this month that the US State Department had spearheaded a social media platform in Cuba with the intent of stirring political unrest, the Obama administration quickly came under attack and promptly denounced allegations that it covertly plotted to disrupt Cuban politics. Just weeks later, however, condemnation is […]

Soviet space capsule up for sale in Belgium

By Alexandra Brussels (AFP) April 23, 2014 – For those who have everything, how about a Soviet-era space capsule dating back to the 1970s, when it carried three cosmonauts into space? German firm Lempertz unveiled plans Wednesday for what it says is the first such auction in Europe, with the capsule expected to fetch up […]

Uruguay to limit cannabis purchases to 10 grams a week

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By RT The Uruguayan authorities are developing fees for pot sales to match highly-taxed cigarette and alcohol sales. They have also decided that licensed cannabis users will be limited to 10 grams a week and pharmacies will not be allowed to sell their proscribed 40 grams a month in one go, an official in the […]

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