Miliband Now Backing Call for Shaun Wright to Quit

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By Guido Fawkes Having campaigned for him to become a Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012 – even after negative reports about Children’s Services in Rotherham for which Shaun Wright was responsible – Labour HQ says Ed Miliband is backing calls for Wright to resign. The warning signs were there before he stood to be […]

Quote of the Day

By Guido Fawkes Shaun Wright’s understatement about the Rotherham child abuse scandal… “..I could have taken more action and probably dealt with this issue better.” Visit Site

Better Together

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By Neo-Guido The body language was wonderful at this morning’s joint appearance between Darling and the former Prime Mentalist: Did someone say ‘forces of hell’? Pic via Alan Roden. Tagged: Anyone But Gordon, Twat Watch, Where’s Gordon? Visit Site

MacShame Uses Rotherham Scandal to Plug New Book

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By Neo-Guido Rotherham’s former Labour MP has broken his silence on the child abuse scandal, from the comfort of the Dordogne: Anyone interested in Rotherham child abuse might read p 156 of my Prison Diaries @BitebackPub— Denis MacShane (@DenisMacShane) August 26, 2014 Or you could just read the 160 page report which covers the time […]

Gallery Guido: Disaster Strikes Retreating Speaker

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By Neo-Guido The retreating Speaker is now offering to split Robert Rogers’ role (which he always wanted) but have the new administrative position answer to the Clerk (which he never wanted). This is a disaster for John Bercow – to save his job he has significantly strengthened the Clerk and created an alternative power base […]

Bercow Blinks

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By Neo-Guido In the middle of the August recess, Bercow quietly slipped the name of his preferred choice of Common’s Clerk to No 10 for them to send to the Palace. As the BBC reported on 19 August: “Speaker John Bercow’s choice to take over as Parliament’s most senior official is almost certain to get […]

The Perfect UKIP Venue

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By Neo-Guido It’s a mystery to why UKIP’s hustings in South Thanet have been moved from St Lawrence College Theatre in Ramsgate. Whispers say it was after local pressure was put on the college not to host the party, but officially it’s something to do with lectures and satellite trucks wanting to set up. Either […]

Rotherham Council’s £125,000 Officers

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By Neo-Guido Whilst 1,400 children in Rotherham were abused, the council consistently featured heavily in the TPA’s Town Hall Fat Cat lists: Chief Executive: £158,160 Strategic Director of Children and Young Peoples Services: £125,530 Strategic Director Development Services: £125,530 Strategic Director of Neighbourhoods and Adults Services: £125,530 Strategic Director of Resources: £132,954 Clearly some ‘matter’ […]

Hub-ble Trouble Bubbles for Boris

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By Neo-Guido Boris has confirmed it’s Uxbridge. A seat populated by thousands of people who work at an airport the Mayor of London would like to see shut down. Well he’s got to make a teeny bit challenging, but Guido wonders for how much longer Boris will want to have “a genuine, honest discussion about […]


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By Neo-Guido Sky are going all interactive for the new Adam Boulton evening show Sky News Tonight, launching on the first of the month: “In a first for a major nightly news programme, Sky News Tonight will have comprehensive parallel output on social media, where users will be able to view – and engage with […]

‘Canberra Caterer’ Missed Catering Scandal on Her WatchFraud and Security Breaches Pepper CV of Potential Commons Chief Exec

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By Neo-Guido The limited defenders of Carol Mills, who go under the name ‘friends of Bercow’ in the press, point to her experience running the Department for Parliamentary Services of the Australian parliament, and the enormity of the Chief Executive role of the Common’s clerk , who has to essentially run the parliamentary estate. Leaving […]

Gallery Guido: The Bercow Remedy

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By Neo-Guido The House feels it is being bounced into accepting a split role of Clerk and chief executive. MPs are complaining. They feel that the split, if desirable, needs thought. Whether the chief executive should answer to the Clerk of the House or to the Speaker is one important consideration. The remedy is in […]

Dominic Grieve Joins Anti-Bercow Bandwagon

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By Guido Fawkes Jesse Norman has spent the weekend canvassing support for his proposed motion. Dominic Grieve has joined those saying they will support a motion if it is put to a vote. The antithesis of a hothead the former Attorney General’s support confirms how badly judged Bercow has this affair. A number of PPS […]

Speaker Watch: Uncompromising “Compromise”

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By Guido Fawkes The accusation that Ms Mills’ department used CCTV footage to breach parliamentary privilege was raised by MPs on the panel but they were told there wasn’t time to go into it and that it wasn’t relevant. If John Bercow endorsed that view, or was the source of it, he may find himself […]

Saturday Seven Up

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By Neo-Guido This week 101,493 visitors visited 299,519 times viewing 480,267 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: In Full: The Damning Bercow Appointment Email Twitter Bitch Fight: Mensch v Karen Danczuk Hippies Using Gas to Power Anti-Gas Extraction Protest Chuka’s Speech Draws Massive Crowd Not Quite the Answer the Staggers Was After […]

Charges Against Bercow Puppet More Serious Than Reported

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By Neo-Guido “She may not be much of a clerk, as she knows nothing about procedure, but I’m happy to accept the panel’s assessment that she’s a first rate chief executive.” That’s what generous people say about the clerical candidate Carol Mills. But what evidence is there that she is this high-calibre, fair-minded apostle of […]

Splash Gordon Next?

By Neo-Guido Just took the #IceBucketChallenge for Video coming soon… Thanks James McAvoy— Alistair Darling (@TogetherDarling) August 22, 2014 If Darling did not do the right thing and nominate Gordon next, Guido will be very disappointed… Tagged: Alistair Darling Visit Site

Too Many Tweets

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By Neo-Guido Westminster Public Affairs have done their annual Twitter tot up. When they’re not on holiday, the 461 MPs online sent a total of 718,431 tweets in the last year. “Over this twelve-month period MPs spent a combined total of over 115 days (or more than 2774 hours) sending Tweets.” That’s an awful lot […]

There’s Already Been a Clegg Movie…

By Neo-Guido James Kirkup pitches his script ideas for Clegg: The Movie. “My name is Nicholas William Peter Clegg, commander of what’s left of the Army of the South West, deputy chair (acting) of the Federal Executive Committee, loyal servant of the true emperor Paddy Aurelius. Father of a murdered party, husband to a murdered […]

Dave the Rave: Tories Launch Ibiza Branch

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By Neo-Guido Chuka Umunna is not the only politico on Ibiza this summer. The Tories have just launched their own Balearic branch of Conservatives Abroad: “Ibiza is renound for attracting the world’s party people and last week was no exception as Conservatives Abroad launched its latest new branch – Conservatives Abroad Ibiza. Overlooking the secluded […]

Not Quite the Answer the Staggers Was After

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By Neo-Guido Rather awkward timing for the Staggers, as this week’s cover asks what The Beatles mean today. Well according to this morning’s tabloids: ‘An educated British jihadi called John is the world’s most wanted man over the beheading of US journalist James Foley. The killer was last night said to be from London’s East […]

Miliband and Malky Mackay Arm in Arm

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By Neo-Guido Former Cardiff manager Malky MacKay has been splashed across the Mail today after racist and homophobic text messages sent during his time at the club cost him the top job at Crystal Palace. Texts about ‘fkn chinkeys’, ‘gay snakes’ and ‘fat Jews’ are under investigation by the FA. Which makes it all a […]

Forgetful Bercow Trashes Former Clerk

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By Neo-Guido Steve Richards has become the preferred conduit for the Speaker’s spin in the ‘Canberra caterer’ row. Having taken copy, Richard’s regurgitated it for the Guardian: “In small ways he has attempted to move the buildings closer to the real world. There is even a creche now. Each move is met with resistance. One […]

Quote of the Day

By Neo-Guido Lord Glasman tells it like it is: “The first thing is to acknowledge that Labour has been captured by a kind of aggressive public sector morality which is concerned with the individual and the collective but doesn’t understand relationships.” Visit Site

In Full: The Damning Bercow Appointment Email

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By Neo-Guido The now infamous email from the Clerk of the Australian Senate makes very clear that the issue’s around Bercow’s choice of Clerk is not one of gender, misogyny, anti-modernisation or xenophobia. The question is, can Carol Mills do the job? CEO of the Commons? Yes. Possibly. Maybe. Hard to say when a rigged […]

Chuka’s Speech Draws Massive Crowd

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By Neo-Guido The Shadow Business Secretary’s contribution to Labour’s summer of ‘The Choice’ speeches really set the world on fire this afternoon. They were queuing round the block to hear him: Chuka’s got some way to go to reach that dream of his… Tagged: Chuka Umunna, Labour Visit Site

Ken Win 2nd Election Since Promising to Never Stand AgainMore Blairite Purging in Labour’s NEC Elections

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By Neo-Guido Victory for the anti-austerity brigade as Labour’s NEC results are published this afternoon: LIVINGSTONE, Ken 39,548 Elected BLACK, Ann 36,496 Elected REEVES, Ellie 31,278 Elected SHAWCROFT, Christine 29,558 Elected OSAMOR, Kate 28,484 Elected BAXTER, Johanna 24,325 Elected+ McMAHON, Jim 1,894 Elected (Local Gov) PERRY, Alice 1,510 Elected (Local Gov) Don’t tell Austin Mitchell, […]

Clegg Spins His Own Rennard Failings

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By Neo-Guido In case there’s any misunderstanding, Rennard put his hands up skirts (and worse) victims complained. LibDems know, do nothing. Women exit.— Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) August 19, 2014 The restoration of Lord Rennard’s LibDem membership card, and neutering of Nick Clegg, as gone down like a cup of cold sick with almost everybody except […]

Twitter Bitch Fight: Mann v MacShame

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By Guido Fawkes Former MP @DenisMacShane tells #wato about his experiences in prison…” Oh how they love thieving journalists and MPs— John Mann MP (@JohnMannMP) August 19, 2014 This could get interesting… Tagged: Twittery Visit Site

Venezuela: Socialist Paradise Update

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By Guido Fawkes How is the loony Labour left’s latest favourite socialist paradise Venezuela faring? Not since Gadaffi have we had an oil rich socialist paradise in the making to set an example for us running dogs of capitalist imperialismo. Socialism should surely work when you are floating on billions in oil wealth surely – […]

Farage Cannot Feel the Love Tonight

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By Neo-Guido Elton John has gone and broken Nigel Farage’s heart, pouring cold water on speculation that the singer could come out and support UKIP. Nigel, who has recently confirmed he’s still standing in Thanet South, had made the comments over the weekend: “Maybe I’ve got a big announcement to make, you never know,” Farage […]

Another Dromey Twitter Favourite Gaffe

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By Neo-Guido Labour’s deputy leader has been giving her ego a little boost by ‘favouriting’ tweets that are nice about her and rude to Ed Miliband: You would have thought the Dromey household would have have had a little chat by now about the pitfalls and dangers of Twitter’s favourite function. It could have been […]

Hippies Using Gas to Power Anti-Gas Extraction Protest

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By Neo-Guido Anti-Frackers “No Dash For Gas” have set up their circle of moaning near Blackpool: Guess what they are using to stay warm and cook? No dash for consistency… Meanwhile, 55 local businesses in the area have sent the hippies a postcard: Local capitalists V hypocritical trustafarians. Tough one… Via @NWTaskforce Tagged: Loony Left […]

Quote of the Day

By Neo-Guido Damian McBride offers some more of his helpful advice: ‘Mr Miliband will not survive the televised leaders’ debates trying to have it both ways on every policy from Syria to an EU referendum. The prime minister may be entirely wrong on issues such as HS2, but at least his position is clear.The Labour […]

Homer’s Odyssey

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By Neo-Guido As the government try to blame Labour and Labour forget they were ever in government, one element of the £224 million Raytheon row is the role of Lin Homer. As regular readers will remember, this is just the latest in a string of successes for the £180,000 a year civil servant, who first […]

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