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Grassroot Tories Back Farage Over Plain Packs Plan

By WikiGuido As polling of Conservative Grassroots tells their party to ditch plain packaging for cigarettes and Farage is making this an issue to smoke out Tories for UKIP: “We are now on the verge of a Conservative-led government going for plain packaging on cigarettes. I can scarcely believable how stupid these people are are. […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Axelrod

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By Guido Fawkes 1. He doesn’t come over very well on TV: 2. Axelrod has worked for several disgraced or failed politicians. These include Italian technocrat Prime Minister Mario Monti, who was booted out of office last year after only managing to win 10% of the vote following his 2013 Axelrod managed campaign. 3. Axelrod […]

Put Carswell in No. 10

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By Guido Fawkes New City minister Andrea Leadsom achieves fame at last on the front page of the Indy today over her Margaret Hodge-style inheritance tax reducing trusts. Which reminds Guido that now she’s has been promoted to the Treasury that leaves a vacancy on the Downing Street Policy Board. Headed by Jo Johnson, the […]

Axelrod Said Miliband Was Wrong on Syria

By Guido Fawkes Last September after Assad used chemical weapons, Axelrod wrote After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the […]

Axelrod Said Miliband Was Wrong on Syria

By Guido Fawkes Last September after Assad used chemical weapons, Axelrod wrote After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the […]

Russell Brand’s Marxist Facepalm

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By WikiGuido Seems fair.— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) April 17, 2014 Presumably that means Brand will be giving up his: $15 million net worth (according to the Rich List) $2.2 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills that once belonged to Laurence Olivier, complete with its own cinema, five bedrooms and five bathrooms $10 million that […]

Guardian#100: The Road to £30,900,000 Losses

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By WikiGuido The Guardian is in full back-slapping self-congratulatory mode this afternoon as it reaches 100 million monthly unique browsers for the first time. They are even treating lucky readers to a video taking them along the ‘Road to 100 million‘. MediaGuido’s graph of Guardian News & Media’s road to £30,900,000 in losses is slightly […]

Foodbanks, Christianity and Socialism

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By Guido Fawkes Today is Holy Thursday, when the Queen traditionally offers alms known as Maundy money to deserving senior citizens. Scholars say “Maundy” comes from Jesus; “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos”, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you”. Monarchs […]

Pickles Crackdown on Town Hall Pravdas

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By WikiGuido Most of the government is either on holiday or has ground to a halt, but Eric Pickles is still hard at work fighting taxpayer-funded propaganda newspapers in rotten boroughs. The Communities Secretary has given Greenwich Time, Hackney Today, the Newham mag, Waltham Forest News and the infamous pro-Lutfur Rahman Tower Hamlets paper East […]

FT Rejects IPSO, Sets Up Own Regulator

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By WikiGuido FT editor Lionel Barber says the paper will set up its own mechanism to deal with complaints. It won’t be part of the new IPSO press regulator: The Financial Times stands for an independent press, free of economic and political interference. We therefore support efforts to create a more robust system of independent […]

GRAPH:  BBC Mind Share v Public Market Share

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By WikiGuido For years the BBC has explained its disproportionate consumption of the Guardian newspaper compared with public market share by arguing that it needs to buy more broadsheet papers than popular ones to best provide news for licence fee payers. It is not an issue of left-right bias, they claim, rather a distinction along […]

Boris: Seek Assistance

By WikiGuido Don’t you just hate those commuters who hold everyone up at the barrier when you’re trying to get on the tube? Via @michaelsavage Tagged: Boris Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Today at the Hacking Trial

By Guido Fawkes Moments from day 3 of coulson evidence #hacking— Robin Brant (@robindbrant) April 16, 2014 Everything you need to know, summarised in 6 seconds… Tagged: Coulson, Crime, Media Guido Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Coetzee Polling Presentation Reality Check

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By Guido Fawkes The Times has got hold of some polling slides presented by Nick Clegg’s taxpayer-funded strategist Ryan Coetzee, which give the LibDem leader suspiciously sky high approval ratings: Compare Coetzee’s polling with that of independent companies however and the result is quite different. Back in October Ipsos Mori had 57% of the public […]

RUMOUR: Gallagher to Mail as No. 2

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By Neo-Guido There is a rumour doing the rounds of Fleet Street this afternoon that former Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher is going back to the Mail as joint Deputy Editor. Guido heard it on the grapevine…. Tagged: Media Guido Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

GuyNews Special: Walthamstow’s #BiscuitGate Outrage

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By WikiGuido Expenses are back in the news, so the Guy News special rapporteur decided to travel to sunny Walthamstow to ask Stella Creasy’s constituents what they thought about their MP’s #BiscuitGate troughing. A complaint was sent to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner after St. Ella claimed £30.98 on expenses for Jammie Dodgers, chocolate fingers, kettle […]

Facts are Sacred: Guardian Grovel For Polly, Again

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By Neo-Guido The Guardian have been forced into a humiliating climb down and apology to former Sun man Richard Caseby, yet again, after Polly went off on one about the new Director of Comms at DWP: “The following correction was published on 15 April 2014: A Comment article about the treatment of disabled people by […]

Crystal Methodist Thanks BBC for Newsnight Fawning

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By Neo-Guido Having been charged with drug offences this morning, the renowned gak-fiend Reverend Flowers lavished praise on the BBC for giving him such an easy ride when he appeared on Newsnight: “There is a phrase for some people, they call them vultures, and I really do hope that somebody quotes me on that, especially […]

Piers Tears: Another Fake Mirror Front Page

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By Neo-Guido Under the headline “Britain, 2014.” the Mirror’s front page is really going for emotional shock factor today: The only problem is that the picture is not “Britain, 2014″ but “America, 2009″. The Getty photo was shared via Flickr by Lauren Rosenbaum in November 2009: Of course this is not the first time that […]

Telegraph Side with Nige

By Neo-Guido The Telegraph would usually be the first out of the traps on an expenses story, but they’ve decided it will be more fun to side with the ‘Kippers and knock the Times today. Brogan has been activated and is talking down the story. The polling, it seems, would agree with his angle, namley […]

Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Andrew Pierce v Owen Jones

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By WikiGuido Two MediaGuido Twitter bitch fight regulars are reaching for their saucers of milk this afternoon. Andrew Pierce and Owen Jones have fallen out again, this time over Nigel Evans. . @OwenJones84 You told me Nigel Evans was in big trouble and was going down. Have you read the court transcript? Prosecution was a […]

Previous Times UKIP Allowances Report Dismissed

By Guido Fawkes Could today’s effort by The Times to get UKIP have anything to with the complaint made last month by the Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott about UKIP’s use of allowances? His complaint was based on a series of reports by Times journalists Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson. Yesterday that complaint was thrown […]

Payback Times: Hack Hits Back at ‘Kipper

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By Neo-Guido Times hack Billy Kenber has hit back at claims from UKIP that they borked the figures in their story this morning. From: “Kenber, Billy” Date: 15 April 2014 10:14:05 BST To: David Samuel-Camps Cc: Alexi Mostrous, Nigel Farage Subject: Re: Your report Hi David, The difference between the two figures lies in the […]

Farage Against The Machines

By Neo-Guido With Dermot #Murnaghan putting the boot in over office expenses, Farage explains how his office electricity bill was £3,000. It’s all the machines… Tagged: Expenses, UKIP Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Times Source: I Was Misquoted

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By WikiGuido Guido said this morning that this would get messy, and as predicted, one of the Times’ sources is now kicking back. In a letter to the journalists who wrote the story, David Samuel-Camps says he was misquoted: “Mr Kenber and Mr Mostrous, Re: Nigel Farage and office costs I am extremely concerned that […]

Labour Make up “Shadow Cost of Living Minister”

By Neo-Guido As inflation falls and wages rise, Labour are hilariously trying to keep their tired meme going: “Angela Smith has been appointed as Shadow Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (water and the cost of living)” Whatever the hell that even means? Presumably her job will be to go around the country pointing at things that […]

Ben Brogan: Digital First

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By WikiGuido The “Digital First strategy” clearly hasn’t reached all parts of the Telegraph. With his slightly more technical assistant on holiday, new Associate Editor (Politics) Ben Brogan had a bit of a struggle writing yesterday’s morning briefing all by himself: “Tim is off. I can’t find the right button thingy. I’ll try tomorrow.” Did […]

Farage Lays Into Times Editor and Fink

By WikiGuido A very grumpy Farage has directly attacked Times Editor John Witherow and Danny Finkelstein: Guido is not sure ‘well I haven’t murdered anyone’ is the best line of defence… Tagged: Expenses, Farage, GuyNews.TV, UKIP Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Farage Fingers Wrong Blonde

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By WikiGuido The Times have done over Nigel Farage this morning, reporting that £60,000 of taxpayer cash paid into his personal bank account is unaccounted for. The £15,500-a-year was for the upkeep of his constituency office in Bognor Regis, but since Farage gets it rent-free the accusation is that he only spends £3,000-a-year on running […]

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Watson’s Smiths Blunder

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By Neo-Guido Ah Tom Watson. Ranting about the “Etonions” trying to “appropriate all the symbols of working-class culture from the 1980s”, Tommy builds to a crescendo of class war bilge over at Comment is Free: “I understand why Cameron once wanted his photo taken outside Salford Boys Club, and take pleasure from the fact he […]

Unite Annual Report Mocks Ed’s “Seismic” Reforms

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By WikiGuido In February Ed Miliband promised “seismic changes” to Labour’s relationship with the trade unions, vowing that reforming the unions’ grip on the party would be “bigger than Clause IV“. Red Len’s baby mama Jennie Formby, Unite’s meritocratic political director, explains how that is going in their political report for the last year. Firstly […]

Hush Luvvies

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By Neo-Guido Guido understands that Sajid Javid is off this week to the government art collection to decorate DCMS, but there is already good news for arts luvvies who have been sounding off about the new Culture Secretary’s credentials. The hippies will be pleased to know that virtually the first thing that the newly promoted […]

Brides-Ed Revisted: Labour’s Gene Pool Problem

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By Neo-Guido “The last Labour leadership challenge was a battle between brothers,” writes Tim Stanley. “The shadow chancellor is married to the shadow home secretary – a former leadership candidate wedded to a future one. The deputy leader is married to the shadow minister for communities and local government. The shadow secretary of state for […]

Mercer By-Election Speculation Growing

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By Neo-Guido Panic stations as the Standards Committee report into Patrick “Guido will be all over this” Mercer is expected very soon – it’s widely expected to be damning after last year’s lobbying sting. If the Committee recommend a long suspension from the House, the MacShane precedent is a resignation and a by-election. There is […]

EXCLUSIVE: Evans Accuser Denies Witch-Hunt+ + Admits Witnesses Communicated Before Trial + ++ + Wollaston’s Role Laid Bare, Told ‘Victim’ to Press Charges + +

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By WikiGuido One of the claimants who accused Nigel Evans of sexual assault has given his first and only interview exclusively to this blog. Guido confronts the accuser with claims that he lied in court and colluded with others as part of a conspiracy to destroy the former deputy speaker. The crucial role of Tory […]

Complaints About Complaints Report

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By Guido Fawkes The irony of the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) download link to their report on complaint handling in the public sector being non-functioning made Guido smile. At the time of going to pixel it is still broken… Guido has got hold of an embargoed copy. After looking at the NHS’s failings in […]

Latest Polls Have New Highs for UKIP

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By Guido Fawkes ComRes CON 29% (-3), LAB 35% (=), LDEM 7% (-2), UKIP 20% (+4) Opinium CON 30% (-2), LAB 36% (+3), LDEM 7% (-3), UKIP 18% (+3) Ipsos MORI CON 31%( -1), LAB 37% (+2), LDEM 9% (-4), UKIP 15% (+4) The trend is clear, since the Nick ‘n Nige Euro Debate UKIP […]

Worst Politician Selfie Idea Yet

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By WikiGuido Ed Miliband, Matt Hancock and Michael Gove step aside, Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt has done his best to single-handedly ruin the selfie. He has set up a “self-EU“ contest where entrants are encouraged to “send us your selfie, showing us where and how you enjoy the benefits of European integration”. The prize? “You […]

Michael Rosen’s Expert Opinions

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By WikiGuido The unrivalled commissioning editors at Comment is Free have graced their readers with an open letter from children’s novelist and poet Michael Rosen to Sajid Javid. Rosen’s main point is that because Javid used to be a banker he is unqualified for the role of Culture Secretary. Guido will spare you most of […]

Caption Contest Winner

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By WikiGuido The lucky winner of David Charter’s ‘Europe, In or Out? Everything You Need to Know‘ is: Simples says: April 11, 2014 at 2:13 pm Just a shade over 5 ft Get in touch for your prize… Tagged: Caption Contest Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Tory Code of Conduct Cop Out

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By WikiGuido The Tories’ new code of conduct for their MPs is entirely voluntary, with the party distancing itself from having to deal with any complaints by making clear staff grievances are “entirely a matter for you to handle”. Which means if a staffer complains about their boss, the complaint is dealt with by… their […]

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