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Those UKIP Nutter Tweets In Full

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By Neo-Guido They are dropping like flies. Farage says he is “deeply shocked” that Lampitt has such “repellent views”. Just as people were beginning to accept that UKIP were part of the mainstream political debate, they take a large shotgun to both of their feet. The lack of resources argument can hardly wash when he […]

Stella’s Munchies

By WikiGuido Um anyone ever bought a tram ticket at Amsterdam station? Or is it a trick and you get them on the trams? #slightlyconfusedmp #alldutchtome— (@stellacreasy) April 24, 2014 Still reeling from #BiscuitGate, Stella Creasy is using recess to escape from her angry constituents – for whom of course the holidays are over – […]

Another PX Wonk to No. 10

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By WikiGuido James Forsyth reports that Policy Exchange wonk Max Chambers is to join the No. 10 policy unit to take on the home affairs brief. Yet another helicopter head from the finishing school for SpAds. Guess Patrick Rock ain’t coming back any time soon… Tagged: Downing Street, Wonk Watch, Wonks Visit Site. Source: Guido […]

BBC Refuses to Comment on BBC Story About the BBC

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By WikiGuido North of the border the BBC has got itself in some bother this afternoon. Fair and balanced BBC News Scotland correspondent James Cook is reporting that the BBC is facing increasing pressure to explain how it can claim to be impartial on Scottish independence while it remains a member of the CBI, which […]

Jason Groves New Mail Deputy Pol Ed

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By WikiGuido Tim Shipman starts at the Sunday Times this week, presumably having kept a belter at the bottom of his sock drawer to kick off with. That means a promotion for Jason Groves, who becomes the Daily Mail’s deputy political editor in his place. Congratulations… Tagged: Mail, Media Guido Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Jason Groves New Mail Deputy Pol Ed

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By WikiGuido Tim Shipman starts at the Sunday Times this week, presumably having kept a belter at the bottom of his sock drawer to kick off with. That means a promotion for Jason Groves, who becomes the Daily Mail’s deputy political editor in his place. Congratulations… Tagged: Mail, Media Guido Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

WATCH: Giant EU Octopus Destroys Britain’s Democracy

By Neo-Guido An early contender for the most bonkers fringe party campaign video of the election season has to be An Independence From Europe and their giant octopus: The party was set up by ousted UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass and have deliberately started their name with an ‘a’ to get to the top of the […]

Literally No One Watching London Live

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By WikiGuido Dire figures for London Live being reported by Forbes today: London Live’s Breakfast Show, Wake Up London, broadcasts for three hours each morning. It has scored an average of 2,400 viewers. Wake Up London’s highest rating for a full hour was from 8am until 9am on April 2, when it had 15,100 viewers. […]

One Rule for Owen…

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By WikiGuido Owen Jones launches a one man campaign to ban people from calling Boris by his first name today, ironically on a platform called Comment is Free. In the first line of his third paragraph Owen asks: “can we drop the over-familiar “Boris”, please?” Then, two sentences later: “If Ed Miliband was filmed flailing […]

WATCH: Clegg Kebbabed by Nick Ferrari

By WikiGuido NF: What is your favourite takeaway? NC: I had a McDonald’s last week at an M1 service station. NF: Ever had a kebab? NC: I have had a kebab. I haven’t had one for a while. What I last had was a McDonald’s cheeseburger. With chips. Any more detail? NF: Did you go […]

Guy News Axelrod: Energy Price Controls Will Lead to Blackouts

By WikiGuido Back when Ed’s new strategy chief David Axelrod was in Illinois, his lobbying firm set up a front group, Consumers Organised for Reliable Energy (CORE) on behalf of energy corporations, which ran a series of attack ads warning that attempting to control energy prices would result in blackouts and a “California style energy […]

Where Could Gove be Going?

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By Neo-Guido Conversation in Westminster never seems more than two minutes away from reshuffle speculation, with attention focusing on the weeks after the European elections. The argument that Cameron should delay in order to keep wannabes in line over the summer is outweighed by the fact that in doing so he would be putting ministers […]

Chuka Time is Back

By Neo-Guido It’s been a while, but panic not, it looks like Chuka has added yet another new watch to his already impressive array of giant timekeeping devices: Inspiring to talk to social entrepreneurs working in our local community at launch of #ClaphamPark Business Incubator— Chuka Umunna (@ChukaUmunna) April 23, 2014 Lucky Chuka spent […]

Ex-Sun Hack Cleared After 582 Days on Bail

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By WikiGuido John Coles was nicked on 9 September 2012 by Operation Elveden cops on suspicion of conspiracy to corrupt and conspiracy to cause misconduct in a public office. 19 months later, today he has been cleared. The 13th arrested journalist not to be convicted. Tagged: Media Guido, Sun Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Davey’s New Green Projects to Cost Taxpayer £1.4 Billion a Year

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By WikiGuido Energy Secretary Ed Davey has today unveiled eight new major renewables projects which he says will be funded by £12 billion of private sector investment to “boost green growth and green jobs“. Renewable projects are guaranteed a price for the power they produce, meaning that the difference between the guaranteed price and the […]

Happy St George’s Day Boris

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By Guido Fawkes As the owner of the story in The Sun this morning claiming that Boris will decide within weeks if he is to run for parliament caught Guido’s eye. The mayor is denying it: Guido would like to wish all his English readers a happy St George’s Day. If a man of […]

POLL: UKIP on 27% for Euro Elections

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By WikiGuido This morning’s Sun/YouGov poll has UKIP on 27% for next month’s Euros, just three points off Labour. The Tories are well down in third place on 22% and the LibDems are on 10%. As you can see by clicking the tabs on our interactive graph, the only redeeming news for Dave is that […]

Labour Shadow Europe Minister Thinks Gibraltar is an Island

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By WikiGuido Gareth Thomas, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Europe, was banging on last week that the government wasn’t doing enough for Gibraltar. He boasts that he has “visited the island twice in the last six months” whilst whilst no Foreign Office Minister has visited since 2011. He is calling on “a Foreign Office Minister to […]

Farage Admits: I’m Sleeping With My Secretary

By WikiGuido Big question, of course, is how much of Farage/Robinson exchange BBC will show. Patrick O’Flynn will be hammering them to cut it down…— Dan Hodges (@DPJHodges) April 22, 2014 No doubt the BBC will show this in full… Tagged: BBC, Farage, GuyNews.TV, UKIP Visit Site. Source: Guido Fawks

Compare and Contrast: Express English and Scottish Editions

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By WikiGuido Click to enlarge. On the left, today’s Daily Express English edition warning of a “Pension shock for millions: New warnings over a massive drop in income”. On the right, today’s Daily Express Scottish edition telling readers north of the border: “Pensions safer within the UK”. The campaign of misinformation attempting to deny freedom […]

When Nigel Farage Was Mistaken for the Russian PM

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By WikiGuido Appearing on Have I Got News for You Nigel Farage claimed that he has never sat for a portrait. As revealed in yesterday’s Sun Guido can confirm this to be true, but only thanks to a technicality. When the European Parliament commissioned a series portraits to be painted of leading MEPs, the artist […]

Peter Lilley Fails to Declare Little List of Energy Interests

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By WikiGuido Number 10 policy board adviser Peter Lilley regularly bigs up big oil in speeches to parliament, bemoaning climate change laws that “require us to replace cheap fossil fuels with energy sources that are at least twice as expensive and less reliable” last September and then going after vested interests in November: “Politicians and […]

Clutching Straw Denies Banana Drama

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By WikiGuido Jack Straw motoring down the M6 in his Jag while eating a banana. People have been prosecuted for the same, though Straw insists to the Sun that: “Traffic was incredibly slow. We were either going slowly or we had stopped completely. My clear recollection is I reached for the banana and opened it […]

Ed Miliband: Britain is a “Christian Country”

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By WikiGuido And lo, it was Eastertide, and David spake unto the Church Times that Britain was indeed a Christian country. And it came to pass that godless pinkos wrote unto the Telegraph that David had sinned, for he had offended them. Despite 59% of Britons describing themselves as Christians in the most recent census, […]

Quote of the Day

By Guido Fawkes Kevin Maguire on the less than electrifying Ed Miliband… “I bet if you went into a pub tonight and started a conversation about

Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Online

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By WikiGuido Don’t miss out on all the latest gossip in Guido’s Sun on Sunday column: Ed’s new campaign chief has an Axelrod to grind – why his battle with the Tories will be personal Axelrod has plenty in common with awkward Ed: clumsy mishaps are central to his mystique When Nigel Farage was confused […]

Saturday Seven Up

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By WikiGuido This week 111,393 visitors visited 339,807 times viewing 584,789 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Andrew Pierce v Owen Jones Police Probing Ed Balls Car Smash Dash EXCLUSIVE: Evans Accuser Denies Witch-Hunt Piers Tears: Another Fake Mirror Front Page Sexminster Exposed Sums Don’t Add […]

Grassroot Tories Back Farage Over Plain Packs Plan

By WikiGuido As polling of Conservative Grassroots tells their party to ditch plain packaging for cigarettes and Farage is making this an issue to smoke out Tories for UKIP: “We are now on the verge of a Conservative-led government going for plain packaging on cigarettes. I can scarcely believable how stupid these people are are. […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Axelrod

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By Guido Fawkes 1. He doesn’t come over very well on TV: 2. Axelrod has worked for several disgraced or failed politicians. These include Italian technocrat Prime Minister Mario Monti, who was booted out of office last year after only managing to win 10% of the vote following his 2013 Axelrod managed campaign. 3. Axelrod […]

Put Carswell in No. 10

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By Guido Fawkes New City minister Andrea Leadsom achieves fame at last on the front page of the Indy today over her Margaret Hodge-style inheritance tax reducing trusts. Which reminds Guido that now she’s has been promoted to the Treasury that leaves a vacancy on the Downing Street Policy Board. Headed by Jo Johnson, the […]

Axelrod Said Miliband Was Wrong on Syria

By Guido Fawkes Last September after Assad used chemical weapons, Axelrod wrote After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the […]

Axelrod Said Miliband Was Wrong on Syria

By Guido Fawkes Last September after Assad used chemical weapons, Axelrod wrote After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the […]

Russell Brand’s Marxist Facepalm

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By WikiGuido Seems fair.— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) April 17, 2014 Presumably that means Brand will be giving up his: $15 million net worth (according to the Rich List) $2.2 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills that once belonged to Laurence Olivier, complete with its own cinema, five bedrooms and five bathrooms $10 million that […]

Guardian#100: The Road to £30,900,000 Losses

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By WikiGuido The Guardian is in full back-slapping self-congratulatory mode this afternoon as it reaches 100 million monthly unique browsers for the first time. They are even treating lucky readers to a video taking them along the ‘Road to 100 million‘. MediaGuido’s graph of Guardian News & Media’s road to £30,900,000 in losses is slightly […]

Foodbanks, Christianity and Socialism

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By Guido Fawkes Today is Holy Thursday, when the Queen traditionally offers alms known as Maundy money to deserving senior citizens. Scholars say “Maundy” comes from Jesus; “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos”, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you”. Monarchs […]

Pickles Crackdown on Town Hall Pravdas

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By WikiGuido Most of the government is either on holiday or has ground to a halt, but Eric Pickles is still hard at work fighting taxpayer-funded propaganda newspapers in rotten boroughs. The Communities Secretary has given Greenwich Time, Hackney Today, the Newham mag, Waltham Forest News and the infamous pro-Lutfur Rahman Tower Hamlets paper East […]

FT Rejects IPSO, Sets Up Own Regulator

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By WikiGuido FT editor Lionel Barber says the paper will set up its own mechanism to deal with complaints. It won’t be part of the new IPSO press regulator: The Financial Times stands for an independent press, free of economic and political interference. We therefore support efforts to create a more robust system of independent […]

GRAPH:  BBC Mind Share v Public Market Share

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By WikiGuido For years the BBC has explained its disproportionate consumption of the Guardian newspaper compared with public market share by arguing that it needs to buy more broadsheet papers than popular ones to best provide news for licence fee payers. It is not an issue of left-right bias, they claim, rather a distinction along […]

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