Dick Pic Tory Tipped to Defect to UKIP

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By WikiGuido Rumours swirl at Tory conference that the next man to jump ship to UKIP will be Boris’ former deputy mayor Dick Barnes, best known for uploading some unfortunate photos to Facebook. So the rumours here are of an ex Tory and ex deputy london mayor Richard Barnes being next ‘defection’. — Anushka Asthana […]

CCHQ Gestapo Interrogate Pro-UKIP Delegate

By WikiGuido Birmingham Conservatives wearing logo “Nigel has a point” ahead of conference plenty of #ukip followers for @MontysDogNigel — john hall (@no1zebbie) September 28, 2014 Sources close to the airport-style security area at Tory conference report have an intriguing tale about the whereabouts of a man who was let into the secure zone wearing […]


By WikiGuido This will cheer the Tories up today, or maybe not. Guy News travelled to Clacton high street, where we were unable to find a single person who said they were planning on voting for the Conservative candidate. UKIP might as well divert resources to Heywood and Middleton, because Clacton is in the bag… […]

Team Osborne Tell Their Backstories

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By Neo-Guido It’s Team Osborne day in Birmingham today. And we’re getting a lot of back stories from the Chancellor’s loyal lieutenants. Sajid Javid told a previously unhead story about being the son of an immigrant bus drive who became a banker and then joined the cabinet. Liz Truss talked about her lefty academic parents […]

LISTEN: Mark Reckless’ Voicemail to Grant Shapps

By WikiGuido When he went on the Sunday Politics this morning, Mark Reckless probably didn’t expect he would be played a voicemail he left for Grant Shapps on Friday promising to campaign for the Tories in Birmingham. The following day he defected to UKIP. “You can’t discuss these things in advance,” says Reckless… Tagged: GuyNews.TV, […]

Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Online

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By WikiGuido In today’s Sun column Guido exclusively reveals how the Tories try to avoid interview clangers by briefing MPs on the price of eggs, bread and a pint of milk. Read their cost of living crib sheet here. Also in Guido’s column today: Is Ed squeezing Justine’s middle? Miliband adviser Stewart Wood’s quip about […]

Brooks Newmark Resignation Statement

By Neo-Guido “I have decided to resign as Minister for Civil Society having been notified of a story to be published in a Sunday newspaper. I would like to appeal for the privacy of my family to be respected at this time. I remain a loyal supporter of this Government as its long term economic […]

Mark Reckless Defects to UKIP

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By Neo-Guido A dream for headline writers everywhere. On the eve of Tory conference Mark Reckless has defected to UKIP. He was denying it less than 24 hours ago, but the clues were there in the Iraq vote: Notably @MarkReckless, close friend of @DouglasCarswell, is using the same language as @Nigel_Farage to justify voting against […]

Creating the Apprenticeship Revolution This Country Needs

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By WikiGuido Sponsored post. Leading apprenticeship provider, Pera Training, and the Million Jobs campaign, are delighted to invite you to their Conservative Party fringe event: “Building a 21st Century Workforce”. When: Tuesday, 30th September, from 1230 – 1400 Where: Soprano Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 2 Bridge Street, Birmingham B1 2JZ (adjacent to the conference centre […]

Saturday Seven Up

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By WikiGuido This week 120,146 visitors visited 377,970 times viewing 664,402 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: Disabled Delegates at Miliband Speech Moved From Front Row Cameron Caught on Camera Miliband ‘Forgets’ to Mention the Deficit Two More Times #EverydaySexism Rife at Labour Conference The Man Who Hated Ed’s Speech Ed and […]

The Noes to the Left

By Neo-Guido Labour (24 ): Diane Abbott Graham Allen Anne Begg Ronnie Campbell Martin Caton Katy Clark Ian Davidson Paul Flynn Stephen Hepburn Kate Hoey Kelvin Hopkins Sian James Mark Lazraowicz John Mc Donnell Iain McKenzie Austin Mitchell Grahame Morris George Mudie Linda Riordan Barry Sheerman Dennis Skinner Graham Stringer Mike Wood Jeremy Corbyn (Teller) […]

Quote of the Day

By Guido Fawkes Alastair Campbell on writing for a pro-Qatar football website when Qatar is represented by spin merchants, Portland… “…an über non-story”. Tagged: Alastair Campbell Visit Site

UKIP Launch “Theresa May Tax”

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By Neo-Guido A crass attempt at some token Labour vote stealing communism announced at UKIP conference today. A 25% tax on luxury goods such as £200 shoes, £1,000 handbags and £50,000 cars. UKIP sources are calling it the ‘Theresa May tax’. Claws out for the kitten heels… Tagged: Tax, UKIP Visit Site

Strange Bedfellows: UKIP and Stop the War

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By Neo-Guido At last, Nigel Farage has found some third party support for bold assertion that Cameron recalled parliament to bomb Iraq solely to upstage UKIP’s conference. One of the many reasons the Stop the War Coalition give for opposing action against IS is that ‘the timing is cynical’. We live in mysterious times… Tagged: […]

Jet-Setting Bercow Heads Down Under After Iraq Debate

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By WikiGuido The recall of parliament tomorrow will have disrupted the Speaker’s preparations for a lecture he is to deliver about democracy next week, in Australia. The Times Diary yesterday quoted Bercow’s spokesperson as all but confirming he would be meeting one Carol Mills on his jolly: “He has a very tight schedule and not […]

Quote of the Day

By Guido Fawkes Two quotes from Piers Morgan after Mirror pays out compensation over Sven / Ulrika hacking… First is from volume three of his diaries Morgan published in 2009… “…it was the Daily Mirror, under my editorship, which exposed Sven’s fling with Ulrika Jonsson after learning of a similar message left by the then […]

Miliband Puts Twitter Whingers Above Our Boys

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By WikiGuido Ed Miliband is the only party leader who has refused to wear a Help for Heroes wristband on the front page of today’s Sun. Guido cannot understand why he couldn’t just tell Labour’s anti-Murdoch brigade that he was putting politics aside for a good cause. Anyway, in his absence, here is an artist’s […]

Farage Swings For Europe

By WikiGuido Sponsored post. Some say we’re better together and for one week only Nigel Farage is certainly supporting that notion, but for Europe! In an unexpected turn, notorious Eurosceptic Nigel Farage has joined forces with Paddy Power to back Team Europe (in the Ryder Cup that is). To show his allegiance, Farage has filmed […]

Farage Swings For Europe

By WikiGuido Sponsored post. Some say we’re better together and for one week only Nigel Farage is certainly supporting that notion, but for Europe! In an unexpected turn, notorious Eurosceptic Nigel Farage has joined forces with Paddy Power to back Team Europe (in the Ryder Cup that is). To show his allegiance, Farage has filmed […]

Disabled Delegates at Miliband Speech Moved From Front Row

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By WikiGuido Labour bosses are facing allegations that they ejected disabled delegates from their front row seats before Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday to make way for more telegenic members. Bernadette Horton, who walks with a crutch, reportedly tripped and fell as she was moved from her chair. Bernadette told the Morning Star she was told […]

Guido Had a Bizarre Dream Last Night…

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By WikiGuido That he was down the Rovers Return on Coronation Street when this vaguely familiar face came in and stared at him from the other end of the bar: Then Guido stumbles out and bumps into Len McCluskey, before having an awkward moment with Owen Jones. “Last night I met Guido, a blogger. He […]

Thanks From the Indian Space Research Organisation

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By WikiGuido Success! British taxpayers will be delighted to learn that India’s mission to Mars is complete, with the Mangalyaan spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet last night. The Mars Orbiter Mission cost £45 million, or 6% of the £800 million in overseas aid Britain has sent to India since 2010. Once again, the Indian Space […]

The Man Who Hated Ed’s Speech

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By Neo-Guido After the fun and games of last conference season and the Mail on Sunday’s ‘Ed’s Dad Hates Britain’ story, revenge was a dish served from the platform for the Labour leader. Ed used his conference speech to slam the Mail much to the joy of the crowd, for whom the paper have become […]

Quote of the Day

By WikiGuido Before Miliband spoke, a school choir sang ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. The first verse of which goes like this: “When you try your best, but you don’t succeedWhen you get what you want, but not what you needWhen you feel so tired, but you can’t sleepStuck in reverse” Tagged: Quote of the Day […]

Ed Balls Gangnam Style

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By WikiGuido Disturbing new photos have emerged of Ed Balls at Labour’s annual diversity party last night. The Standard reports: “Host Keith Vaz stole the show by donning sunglasses for last night’s dance marathon, where two belly-dancers tied their bright sashes around the MP as they gyrated either side of him… Chuka Umunna, Harriet Harman, […]

WATCH: Sons of Brown Blank Forgotten Gordon

By WikiGuido Ed Miliband thanked just about every Labour member who knocked on a door for the Better Together campaign yesterday, everyone except one Gordon Brown. Surely Ed Balls would have a kind word for his old master? Speaking to Iain Dale on LBC, the Shadow Chancellor awkwardly admitted he hadn’t even picked up the […]

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