Sadly, I have to report that the next wave of
viral infection is upon us!

So far only a few people have been infected
but the virus seems to have mutated and is now spreading through every country
on Earth – much faster than COVID-19.

This ‘system-threatening’ virus has now been
named the ‘WAKING-UP-FLU’ or as some experts have termed it, the ‘TRUTH
VIRUS.’  It is highly infectious and inevitably leads to a sudden clarity
of mind and awareness in the here and now, in those afflicted.

It begins fairly harmlessly with the
ingestion of organic wholefoods and healthy supplements and minerals, plus
exposure to vitamin D from sunlight, followed by a strong aversion to mass
media and unaffected individuals.

The symptoms then progress into
compassionate, unified consciousness and a deep connection to one’s own soul
and spirit – resulting in a previously little-known freedom from fear with the
final stage being unconditional love and gratitude towards creation.

Traditional means of treating this virus,
such as chemtrails, mass vaccination, allopathic medication, repeated psy-ops,
highly-transparent false flag attacks, threats of a stock-market crash,
financial Armageddon and endless, pointless wars seem to have no effect at all
and only serve to further the spread of this highly contagious, insidious

The Elite are now powerless against this
threat and so as a result the World Health Organisation has given the virus a
new, severe warning category all of its own, such is its threat, because it may
well change life on Earth fundamentally for the better if it is not stopped

The WHO has even sent an urgent message to
7.7 billion people… “Stay safe, stay in the matrix.” but this has had no effect
so far, either.

To further guard against catching it you
must, at all costs, avoid contact with independently thinking, cognisant and
responsibly acting human beings – and also those few selfish, anti-social
individuals who have seen fit to spread it far and wide through writings and
broadcasts of any kind.

There is even a suspicion that this virus may
be passed on telepathically.  In fact, the latest research has finally
revealed the complete pathway of transmission…  The sickness often begins
by reading the above coded message – with an incubation period of a few

So, a warm welcome to freedom!  
Our number is growing day by day.

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