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Today the WHO declared that COVID-19 almost never spreads through asymptomatic carriers, all at once wiping out the entire justification for mandatory vaccines and contact tracing. As reported:

“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an
asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Dr.
Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said at
a news briefing from the United Nations agency’s Geneva headquarters. “It’s
very rare.”

Asymptomatic spread was the entire reason why
world authorities demanded lockdowns, social distancing and masks, too. It was
also the underlying justification for demanding mandatory vaccinations and
contact tracing. After all, if the spread of coronavirus were limited to only
those who obviously showed symptoms — and could therefore be easily identified
and avoided — there would be no logical need for lockdowns, social distancing,
masks, contact tracing or mandatory vaccines, since spreaders of the pandemic
could be easily identified and avoided (or isolated with selective stay-at-home
orders only for the symptomatic).

All at once, the WHO has just exploded all these narratives that
were so aggressively pushed by the CDC, Democrat governors, Dr. Fauci at the
White House and even the WHO itself. Now, based on the WHO’s new admission, not
only should every lockdown be immediately ended; any government effort
to initiate new lockdowns should be vehemently rejected
 as being
utterly groundless and anti-science.

Mandatory vaccines are
no longer needed when asymptomatic carriers present near-zero risk

Now that the WHO is claiming there’s virtually no risk of
catching the coronavirus from someone who isn’t showing any symptoms, mandatory
vaccines are impossible to medically justify
 since symptomatic
carriers can be easily identified and isolated from others.

Simultaneously, the argument that the lockdowns need to continue
“until there’s a vaccine” have just been decimated, too. In reality, the WHO
just admitted that lockdowns aren’t necessary at all, except among those who
are actively showing symptoms (which is a very tiny percentage of the
population, probably far less than 1% on any given day).

It also means that everybody can safely go back to work with
nothing more than a low-cost handheld thermometer checking temperatures of
workers as they enter the workplace. No symptoms means no risk of spread,
according to the WHO, so checking for symptoms is now synonymous with achieving
a safe workplace for all.

It also means the occupancy limits at workplaces should be
immediately lifted, allowing all gyms, bars, restaurants and movie theaters to
operate at full capacity. The only required rule is that people who sneeze or
show fevers must be asked to leave, and that’s it.

No more justification
for contact tracing either

This WHO declaration also obliterates any argument for so-called
“contact tracing.” If there’s no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier, why
would we need contact tracing at all?

The whole point of contact tracing is to find people who don’t
know they have the infection because they were supposedly infected by an
asymptomatic carrier. But if the only people who spread the virus are those who
show obvious symptoms, then everybody already knows to steer clear of that
individual, and contact tracing becomes moot.

Thus, the WHO has just obliterated any argument for contact
tracing, too. Will Apple and Google now remove their contact tracing apps from
their mobile devices? Of course not. Those apps were never really about contact
tracing in the first place… the entire sham was always a pretext for total
surveillance and spying on users.

Plus, the CDC says the
virus can’t be spread on surfaces

All this is on top of the CDC recently announcing that the coronavirus
can’t be spread via surfaces, either. So there’s no more justification for
people wearing gloves or sanitizing packages or grocery bags. In fact,
according to the CDC’s newest admissions, there’s no more reason to avoid
shaking hands, either.

So if the coronavirus only spreads through people who are
actively showing symptoms, then the entire argument behind everybody wearing
masks — which was that we all needed to wear them because none of us
knew whether we, ourselves, were spreading the virus
 — instantly
collapses. The WHO just made mask mandates a complete joke, which makes us
wonder why the government continues to hoard them, of course.

In fact, unless the WHO is lying to us now, the entirety of
every single argument for lockdowns, masks, social distancing and all the rest
has just been blasted to smithereens. And if the WHO is lying to us now, then
what’s to say they haven’t been lying all along on other issues?

Either way, my mask wearing days are over.

Like many Americans, I deliberately worked to protect the
elderly and the vulnerable out of an abundant sense of caution and public duty.
I wore a mask in public places, and I practiced social distancing, too. I
stayed home for well over a month and did my part to reduce any chance, however
low, that I might become an asymptomatic carrier who might inadvertently spread
the pandemic to other people who were immunocompromised or medically vulnerable.

Now, it turns out none of that was necessary. This
entire pandemic appears to be conquerable with nothing more than vitamin C,
vitamin D and zinc. Not even hand washing is necessary, according to the new
CDC results, and the very idea of waiting around under house arrest for a new
experimental vaccine to be produced now seems insanely stupid.

Is the WHO running a
whole new psyop to explode a second wave of infections?

The other possibility with all this is that the WHO is now
running a new psyop to try to convince people that the coronavirus is no longer
any risk, hoping that people will drop their guard and unleash a second wave of
infections in the Fall, thereby damaging the Trump administration and
immediately thrusting the WHO right back into the position of issuing demands
to the world regarding a new wave of infections.

After all, when there’s no pandemic running loose, who listens
to the WHO anyway?

But if the WHO has the kind of malicious ethics that would allow
it to deliberately lie to the world in order to spread a second wave of
infections, wouldn’t we all be fools to listen to that organization in the
first place? Shouldn’t we actually demand their arrest and prosecution for
crimes against humanity if they were deliberately trying to spread a global
pandemic just to remain relevant?

So there are really just two possibilities in all this:

#1) The WHO has been lying to us all along, and the real risk of
coronavirus spread is practically zero.

Or #2) The WHO is lying to us now, trying to make sure we all
get infected so that a second wave explodes across the globe.

Either way, it looks like the WHO can’t be trusted at all, which
makes their recent announcement highly questionable. If the coronavirus can’t
be spread by asymptomatic carriers, how did it explode across the Diamond
? How did it sneak into the USA and other countries, even as
symptom checkers manned the airport arrival terminals? How did the coronavirus
explode across nursing homes in New York and other areas, killing a shockingly
high number of residents there? (Or, alternatively, perhaps they all really
died from death-by-ventilator episodes…)

We can’t really know what to believe from the authorities
anymore — not the WHO, the CDC, the FDA or of course the lying lamestream
media. So the only thing we can really count on is our own immune systems, and
those can be readily enhanced with simple nutritional supplements, along with
healthy lifestyle choices such as avoiding inflammatory junk foods and getting
plenty of sleep each night.

For the WHO, that disgusting organization is a discredited junk
science gaggle of incompetent communists pretending to be epidemiologists. They
couldn’t shove their own heads up each other’s asses any farther if they were
surgical proctologists. Their horribly dishonest, inaccurate and often
deliberately misleading information has brought incalculable suffering and
death to our world, which is why their new name should be the World HELL

That’s what they delivered to us all: HELL on Earth. All by
design. And now, after months of global economic devastation and mass death,
they tell you there was nothing to worry about all along… probably just to mess
with your head while they work with China to release a second bioweapon, see?

We should all be really reluctant to believe a single thing the WHO ever says again, and if we ever get a chance to meet the people who run the WHO in person, we should place our hands around their necks and squeeze tighter and tighter until they puke back up all the bullshit they’ve been shovelling this entire time.

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