We were doing amateur astronomy near Roswell, New Mexico (coincidentally, about 20 or so miles away from the famous UFO crash site, although we were there purely because of the darkness of the sky with no intentions to do any sort of alien hunting).

The sky was mostly clear except for one prominent thundercloud hanging above the northern horizon and continuously producing bright lightning bolts. While the camera was taking images, we went for a short hike around the field. After one of the lightning bolts, 6 or so bright objects appeared in the northern sky, moving in a perfect formation towards us.

The objects passed us directly overhead and disappeared shortly after. The entire UFO Sighting lasted for two or so seconds. Both of us saw the event; however, we disagreed on the exact number of UFOs and their color, as would be expected given how brief and unexpected the event was.

The UFO Sighting did not have definitive shapes; however, they appeared to have been moving at phenomenally fast rate comparable to that of a shooting star. in fact, I would have assumed that they were shooting stars if not for the fact that there were many of them and they were moving in formation. Unfortunately, our camera was pointed the wrong way and did not capture any photographic evidence. And even if it were aimed right at the event, the UFOs were likely too fast to be reliably captured given the camera settings we used.

I suspect that this was some strange atmospheric phenomenon that is probably related to the electric storm out in the distance, although I am struggling to come up with a good physical explanation and it was certainly extremely dissimilar to anything either of us has seen before despite our prior observing experience. mufon cms# 110337


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