‘Vertical garden’ 30-story high-rise set for Australian city is covered in more than 20,000 trees and plants

  • Urban Forest in Brisbane will be draped in more greenery than a nearby park
  • The foliage will serve as natural insulation and lower the city’s eco footprint 
  • It will also have solar panels, rainwater collection and a two-story rooftop garden
  • The 30-story tower is currently awaiting approval from the city

A residential tower in Australia will take green living to new heights.

Urban Forest, a 30-story high-rise in South Brisbane, will be covered in a ‘vertical garden’ of over 20,000 trees and plants, more than five times the greenery found in a nearby park.

Raised up on large ‘tree trunk’ columns, the latest masterpiece from Sydney-based architect Koichi Takada includes 382 apartments, with sculpturesque stepped facades and extended balconies offering plenty of outdoor time.


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