Bob Neil to Lead Damp Squib Tory Brexit Rebellion Against Government

Former minister Bob Neil has tabled an amendment to the government’s Internal Market Bill which would give Parliament a veto on overriding the Withdrawal Agreement. Damien Green and Oliver Heald are known to be backing the move, however The Times reckons 30 MPs could rebel. Boris can’t afford to lose more than 40 MPs rebel before his majority is wiped out…

It appears the rebels haven’t been very clever however. Sky’s Sam Coates reports legal sources suggesting the amendment might be a “Trojan horse”, including flaws and loopholes Boris would be able to exploit

The problem is apparently the veto is voted on after the point when the government has annulled the law so potentially after the ministers have already achieved their goal

Some believe only way to defeat the gvt plan is to vote down this bit of the bill. But there isn’t support

— Sam Coates Sky (@SamCoatesSky) September 10, 2020

A government source tells The Times that unlike the Brexiteer rebels in 2019, those who back Bob’s bill won’t lose the whip, saying “we’re not in the same place”. Could the amendment see both former Tory leaders Theresa May and a Michael Howard turn against the government?


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