Image: $41 Billion Lululemon is holding classes on “resisting capitalism” while selling $128 yoga pants

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There’s no better example of groupthink taking over people’s common sense than $41.7 billion clothing retailer Lululemon, who sells signature yoga pants for $128, holding a seminar on “resisting capitalism”.

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from ZeroHedge.com)

But, it’s 2020 and so, the examples of hypocrisy shall play on!

Lululemon got caught promoting a workshop on how to “decolonize gender” (whatever that means) and “resist capitalism” on its social media account yesterday. The seminar is being hosted by “company brand ambassador” Rebby Kern, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, sales at the retailer have exploded during the pandemic, as workers look to shift to the casual attire that comes with working at home. Shares have rallied more than 100% off their coronavirus lows in March and the company’s Q2 comps were up 2% despite the chaos of the pandemic. 

Chip Wilson, the company’s founder is a Canadian billionaire. We’re guessing he didn’t “resist capitalism”. And as a result, Lululemon found itself being ridiculed on Twitter:

All wokeness aside…resist capitalism? I see this happen over and over and can’t fully wrap my head around how these brands survive these suicidal campaigns. They can easily be called on their hipocrisy, just to begin with: they outsource everything they manufacture, even IT!

— Sorongolo (@Sorongolox) September 9, 2020

This companies current stock price is 333.30 with a revenue of 3.98 billion, and they have the boldness to market a resist capitalism campaign!

— Fred Johnson (@massrunnerfmj) September 10, 2020

Im assuming @Lululemon will be turning over its resources to the state

— A Young (@ariyoung) September 10, 2020

Lululemon, a company worth $45.5 billion best known for selling $100 leggings made by tortured overseas laborers, invited its social media followers to learn how to “resist capitalism” this weekend.https://t.co/gpX2BWPW5F

— Brent Scher (@BrentScher) September 10, 2020

$98 swim trunks but lol resist capitalism. Gfy, @lululemon pic.twitter.com/691bW1dQMU

— MostlyPeacefulRabbi (@DissidentRabbi) September 10, 2020

“Lululemon IS capitalism,” one person concluded.

“It is literally a privately owned corporation that raked in half a billion dollars in pure profits last year, merely by selling overpriced yoga pants to women willing and able to pay for this luxury. All this begs the question…WUT?”

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