Nigel Farage Announces Brexit Party Is Back

In a Tweet worded to rile both Tory Rebels and Number 10, Nigel Farage has announced that the Brexit Party is revving back into gear and will campaign against MPs who vote against the Internal Market Bill. Or in his words “vote for Brexit in Name Only”…

The withdrawal agreement as it stands is not the Brexit we fought for. Boris misled us but is now trying to make amends. MPs who vote for Brexit in name only will see campaigns launched against them in their seats.

It’s worth remembering that without Nigel winning the European Elections, it’s unlikely that Boris would have ever become Prime Minister. He’s changed the course of UK politics twice. Now he’s back…

UPDATE: Nigel Farage tells Guido: “The Brexit Party still has a large and engaged database. We could fire up ground campaigns against these MPs very quickly”


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