Leaked docs show China’s attempt to keep companies; China’s huge influence database revealed

Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP

In China, a leak from a vaccine plant has left thousands of local residents with chronic illnesses. Nikkei reports that in Northwest China’s Lanzhou city, a biopharmaceutical plant exposed residents to an animal-borne bacterial disease that’s highly contagious and difficult to treat, known as brucellosis.

The cause of the outbreak was contaminated exhaust from the Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical Plant, which is under the state-owned China Animal Husbandry Industry. Symptoms of the disease include recurring fever, severe headaches, joint pain, and other symptoms that can last years.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that the Chinese regime has a database of around 2.4 million people and 650,000 institutions that heavily targets influential people overseas. Financial Review reported that a Chinese military contractor was boasting about spreading disinformation and promoting conflicts. We’ll go in-depth into this.

These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads. #ChinaNews #UStreasury #Securities


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