A witness in upstate New York recalls his encounters with a Bigfoot near his home and in the neighborhood.

I recently received the following report:

“In February of 2013, I was shoveling a path down the driveway for my daughter to get to the school bus. It was about 5:30 in the morning, still dark out. I was just at the road’s edge when I heard a noise come from across the road, which is wooded. It sounded like a long howl, which I believe is what people refer to as an ‘Ohio Howl.’ All I knew at that time was that it scared the crap out of me and I ran for the house. At the time I didn’t make a connection with Bigfoot even though I was watching ‘Finding Bigfoot.’ I was looking for other explanations, like a known animal that would make a trumpeting noise.

After that I forgot all about it, never gave it a thought. Even when my neighbor told me he heard someone walking out behind his garage late at night that spring. I joked at the time that maybe it was Bigfoot. Little did I know!

Flash forward to about August of 2013. We have a Cockapoo and at this time she was under a year old. Like most puppies they need to urinate when they feel the urge and haven’t learned to hold it. So, about 1:30 in the morning, Jessie (the dog) needs to go outside. I took a small flashlight along, the batteries were getting low on power but figured it would be enough. So while Jessie is trying to find the perfect place, I decided to pan the flashlight around. Across the road the weeds had grown very deep & tall. The light had caught some eye shine in the weeds. The color was orange to red which seemed odd and I thought maybe it was just a wild dog. Problem with that, as I forgot, is that the ground drops 3 feet the other side of the road. The eye shine was about 2 feet or so above road level, which didn’t sink in until later. What happened next I will never forget.

So one minute I see the eye shine, I look away to check on the dog and when I pan the light back across the road. It is no longer in the weeds but on the edge of the road, maybe 40 feet away at most, standing. It never made a sound from the weeds to roadside. The light I had wasn’t strong enough to make out features, just a silhouette and eye shine. It swayed back and forth but made no noise. At that moment I finely realized what was standing in front of me. I ran for the house with the dog and don’t believe the dog knew it was there. I told my wife about it the next day and what I thought it was. Of course she didn’t believe me. Later on the following day there was an awful smell of bad body odor and something dead which was coming from behind my neighbor’s garage. At the time of the sighting there was no smell.

In 2014 I believe i saw the creature at least once more. I was driving up the street, at night and saw a crouched figure in their side yard by the woods with the same color eye shine. I didn’t stop to check it out. I also may have seen it one night down on Co Rt 28/Tinker Tavern Rd. I was coming back from picking up my daughter from a friend’s house and was headed east on Co Rt 28, when I rounded a curve in the road and my headlights caught a orange to red reflection in a farmer’s field that was at least 6 feet off the ground. At the time I thought it was just machinery in the field, but later realized that this farmer doesn’t leave his machines out in the field like some do.

Another time something ran past the end of my house after dark and turned on the motion light. Within a few seconds of that, every dog in the area was going nuts. Not proof, I know. 

I drive the short bus for special needs children. One morning I was walking out to my driveway to pre-trip my bus, when I heard something large run away from a rhododendron that was maybe 6 feet from my bus. The plant was about six feet tall and thirty feet around. I believe the creature got close to my bus, because when I pre-trip my bus it was usually dark out and set off all the lights to make sure they all work. I think it got close to see what makes all the funny lights.

During the time when these things were happening, I told a few people. Most didn’t believe, laughed at me or like one friend I told. Didn’t believe I saw Bigfoot but wanted me to believe he saw a large dog like creature when he was hunting in the woods, which ran from him on two feet. That was supposed to happen out by Co Rt 15/WheatHill. My boss still busts on me about it. I take it all in good humor. 

Our mechanic may also have had a run in with it. He was telling me about when he was at his uncle’s camp at Chedmaro Campsites by Lake Ontario. He was down at the camp in the summer of 2014 when this awful smell came out of nowhere. He said he had been hunting for 30 years and have never smelled anything like it. After a little the smell stopped. Not proof, I know.

Even though my wife didn’t want to believe, she wouldn’t take the dog out after dark. She may even have had an sighting, she told me she also saw eye shine across the road in the trees about 6 feet or so above the ground and she heard what sounded like trees being knocked down. The last time that I had an experience was October of 2014. She kept telling me about what sounded like trees being knocked down, so I said lets go to Walmart to get a bright spotlight to help with taking the dog out. On the way to the car, I also heard the noise coming from across the road. That was the last time I had an experience. 

Where it went to, I couldn’t say. I did notice after the last encounter, it left a sign, A tree was twisted and bent at 6 feet off the ground. I asked what people thought. Some said rot or snow load. I think Bigfoot did it as a warning. From what I have seen and heard, they are believed to bend and twist at tree to display a boundary. It took a long time to get the courage to cross the road to check the tree & surrounding area.

I don’t look at the woods or night the same way. I check to make sure I can hear birds or insects and when I can’t hear them I get nervous.” RR


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