Tories Rejecting Starmer’s “New Management” Mantra

Guido is not convinced the “Same Old Labour” line being pushed by CCHQ this morning is going to work. With Starmer denouncing and distancing himself from Corbyn and pointing out the party is under “new management” every other soundbite, this will be hard to make stick. Admittedly the Tories have not yet got any Labour policies to get stuck into yet. Starmer knows this and is not likely to give the Tories any red meat until the last possible moment. The usual fiscal prudence attack lines won’t work either with Rishi now running a sky high deficit.

Readers old enough to remember the “New Labour, New Danger” attack line used against Blair, will remember that slogan presaged a Labour landslide. CCHQ is going to have get their thinking caps on and come up with some better attack lines… 


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