Almost 17 Million Watch Boris’s Broadcast

16.75 million tuned in for Boris’s sit down address to the nation last night, where he reinforced what was said in the Commons earlier. Guido understands Boris wrote the words himself…

The viewership from each main channel was:

  • BBC One – 9.14m
  • ITV – 3.51m
  • Channel 4 – 2.80m
  • BBC News – 0.82m
  • Sky News – 0.48m

Sir Keir will be hoping for a similar reach this evening when he will deliver a broadcasted response to Boris – presumably saying much the same as the PM as he’s promised to oppose none of the new measures – at the primetime slot of 8 pm. The broadcast ‘right of reply’ was rarely used by opposition leaders, now Sir Keir will have deployed it twice…


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