[WATCH] Thornberry’s Carpool Karaoke Brexit U-Turn

Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry used a speech to Labour conference today to cast of the shackles of Remainerism and embrace the opportunities of Brexit, arguing leaving the EU and forming an independent trade policy now gives the UK an opportunity “to modernise [trade], to take up all kind of issues… like human rights, or labour laws, or climate change or gender equality and put them at the heart of our trade policy”. Everyone’s a Brexiteer now…

Bizarrely Thornberry made the entire speech from the driver’s seat of her car in between going to and from different meetings, joking that it felt like an episode of James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke. Thankfully she wasn’t driving while speaking, though she is no stranger to traffic accidents as her confusing conference anecdote last year made clear

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