Anti-lockdown protesters in Madrid were met with violence at the hands of police this past weekend, after the local government enacted restrictions in more areas of the capital city.

Restrictions on movement, gatherings of more than six people, and 10pm curfews have been mandated, mostly targeting poorer neighbourhoods where, it is argued, sanitary conditions are worse.

In affected areas, residents are allowed to leave their homes only for work, medical or educational purposes and must carry papers proving that they have been granted permission to do so by the government.

Over a million residents of Madrid are now living under such lockdown conditions, with police having support from the Spanish army in scores of districts.

The political situation in Madrid is somewhat complex.

Many protesters in the locked down low income areas are angry with the conservative regional government, with those more on the left (some extremely leftist) adamant that the localized government lockdown represents class-based discrimination.

Meanwhile other centrist and conservative protesters are just generally against the stripping away of basic freedoms by the central Spanish government, no matter where it is focused.

Footage revealed the chaos after police stormed protesters this past weekend:

Madrid hoy Caravanchel

— Angela Comanchera (@AComanchera) September 27, 2020

Cargas en la Asamblea de Madrid. #vallecas

— Álvaro Casares (@comex25) September 24, 2020

Policía sin número de identificación dando un cabezazo con el casco a un detenido esposado e inmovilizado.

Es intolerable.

El delegado del Gobierno debe ser cesado inmediatamente.@conJoseMFranco

Lo llaman democracia y NO LO ES.

— Matsi♀️✊ (@Vicky_Taibo) September 25, 2020

¡Sánchez culpable, Gobierno culpable, Ayuso culpable! Luego vendréis al barrio a haceros foto en campaña.

¡Esto no lo hacéis en el barrio de Salamanca!

— Vallekas se Defiende (@VKseDefiende) September 24, 2020

The most disturbing thing about last night’s unwarranted police violence in the working-class Madrid district of Vallecas is that when there were protests in the upscale Salamanca district, the cops stood back and did nothing.

— C.S. Blennerhassett (@CSBlenner) September 25, 2020

Peaceful protest in Madrid against segregation measures.

A Spanish police hits a girl in the head with a baton, boy who defends her is thrown to the floor, hit and arrested, and once in handcuffs police hit him again in the head with a helmet 👉🏻#SpainIsAFascistState

— ANC England (@ANCEngland) September 27, 2020

Health advisors from the leftist central government are pushing the local conservative government in Madrid to impose the restrictions on the entire inner city, which would restrict close to 3.5 million people.

So far, however, the conservative regional leader Isabel Diaz Ayuso has resisted a second total lockdown, saying that the economic impact would be too devastating.

“We’re destroying ourselves … I don’t know how many companies continue to lose jobs and opportunities every single day,” Ayuso told reporters Sunday.

Madrid s regional president Isabel Diaz Ayuso has refused to implement the unnecessary #covid lockdown measures ordered by the Spanish gov health minister amid scenes of unbelievable police brutality. #Resistance #SwedenWasRight

— Jane Burgermeister (@JaneBurgermeis2) September 27, 2020

Chinese virus of tyranny comes to Western “Civilization”: Tracking apps required on phone to eat at restaurants, police visiting homes for FB posts, wedding party arrests, man jailed for 1 YEAR for having a party. It’s from China, it’s global, it’s globalist.

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