Japan’s military pilots are ordered to report UFO sightings and try to photograph any strange sightings under new protocols

  • Japan’s Defence minister Taro Kono said unusual sightings should be reported
  • Government insists that Japanese pilots have never encountered any UFOs
  • It comes only weeks after the Pentagon set up a new task force for odd sightings 

Japanese military pilots have been ordered to take pictures of any UFOs they encounter in the country’s airspace. 

Defence minister Taro Kono said mysterious sightings should be submitted for analysis, while the military will also investigate reports by the public. 

The new protocol, reported by the Japan Times, comes despite official insistence that there is no evidence UFOs exist and that the Japanese military has never encountered any. 

It also comes only weeks after the Pentagon set up a new task force under the US Navy to investigate UFO sightings.

An unexplained balloon-like object in the skies above Sendai in Japan earlier this year, which prompted theories about UFOs or North Korea 

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