Recent reports from UK medical officials estimate that at least 8,600 women are now living with undetected breast cancer in the UK – a direct result of the government’s order to restrict NHS care in the wake the coronavirus ‘pandemic.’ But this is only the tip of a much larger iceberg.

Back in March, government and health officials claimed that the NHS had to be converted into a de facto ‘COVID only’ service, supposedly to deal with the government’s own computer models which predicted an overwhelming influx of COVID patients into UK hospitals. -Only this great ‘surge’ in COVID patients never actually materialised.

To this day, the government and NHS official refuse to revert back to normal NHS care services, still claiming that rationing of care and waiting lists must be maintained in order to prepare for an alleged “Second Wave” of COVID hospitalisations. But nowhere in the UK, or even in Europe, has this much-hyped second wave actually happened.

GRAPH: UK hospitalisations and deaths due to COVID have virtually flat-lined over the last 6 months.

One sizable at-risk group which has fallen victim to this collateral damage are those in dire need of early stage cancer detection screening. It is now estimated that at least one million breast screening appointments have been missed in the UK due to the country’s COVID-19 panic.

To date, the Tory government led by Boris Johnson have never explained the rationale behind this open-ended, protracted ’emergency’ health policy which has denied health care to millions of Britons.

SKY News reports on the scale and scope of this disturbing situation…

Breast Cancer Now have estimated that around 986,000 women have missed mammograms in the UK after screening services were paused because of coronavirus.

This includes 838,000 women in England, 78,000 in Scotland, 48,000 in Wales and 23,000 in Northern Ireland.

The charity have also estimated that around 8,600 women could be living with undetected breast cancer.

Breast screening services were temporarily paused to free up emergency NHS resources as well as trying to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Breast Cancer Now have said it “is a grave concern” that nearly one million women will be caught in the backlog which will lead to further delays in diagnosis, adding that services have resumed at different speeds around the country.

The charity has called on the NHS and government to set out how they plan to tackle an anticipated rise in demand for imaging and diagnostics.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive at Breast Cancer Now, said: “Mammograms are a key tool in the early detection of breast cancer, which is critical to stopping women dying from the disease.

“We understand that the breast screening programme was paused out of necessity due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but we must now press play to ensure that all women can access breast screening, and we cannot afford for the programme to be paused again”….

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In addition to the breast cancer scandal, there is still the overall issue of waiting lists caused by NHS care rationing, lockdowns and over-the-top fear of COVID promoted by government and mainstream media. The waiting lists for hospital treatment could reach as high as 10 million by Christmas, as health officials simply cannot deal with the huge backlog caused by the mass-panic and reactionary government policies. According to a report filed by UK health officials:

“The total number of people waiting to undergo a procedure in a hospital in England such as a hernia repair, cataract removal or hip or knee replacement stood at 4.4 million before the pandemic. It then fell to 4.2 million because in March GPs referred fewer patients for care to help hospitals tackle the pandemic and also because some patients were reluctant to risk getting infected by going into hospital.”

As the cost in lives and public services continues to mount, concerned members of the public are now asking: how long will the government stay trained on the current policy death spiral?

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