A History of Corbyn’s Repeated Covid Restriction-Flouting

Guido would have thought that such a senior politician, septuagenarian, and lockdown enthusiast as the former leader of the Labour Party would have been amongst the most cautious when it came to obeying Government pandemic rules. Yet Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly ignored the rules he supports and expects others to follow…

  • Dinner party for nine in September
  • Meeting with his separate-household-dwelling son in May
  • Meeting with friends to celebrate his 71st birthday, flouting social distancing rules
  • Disregarding NHS advice to work from home in April
  • Passing around his drum when clapping for carers
  • Mixing with a group in Portcullis House in late March

With the number of potential fines Corbyn’s racked up, added together they could fund a decent chunk of furlough…

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