EU Launches Legal Action Against UK for Breach of Withdrawal Agreement

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced that she will send a “letter of formal notice” to the UK as a result of the controversial clauses in the Internal Market Bill. Although things aren’t quite as exciting as they seem…

Despite fanfare surrounding the announcement, this is not an uncommon process. Infractions are a common tool used by the EU and the UK has been infracted before as a Member State. Last year alone there were 800 open infringement cases across all EU Member States – on average 29 cases against each member state. What’s more each procedure takes on average 35 months to complete…

As compiled by the Commission’s own database, the top three countries for number of pending infringement proceedings are Spain, Italy, and von der Leyen’s native Germany.

Maybe she should get her own house in order before making grand statements about admonishing the UK…

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