Labour Shadow Minister: Corbyn Should Be Fined For Dinner of Nine

Following The Sun’s picture scoop that Jeremy Corbyn attended a party of nine, Labour’s Shadow Education Minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan was quick to say Corbyn should face a fine for breaching the rule of six. Dr Allin-Khan added that Stanley Johnson, who appears mask-less in a shop on the front page of The Mirror this morning, should be fined too. Both will be required to pay £200 under the new tighter rules…

Corbyn tried to explain away his actions, last night telling The Sun that he “the number of guests eventually exceeded five” at a his friend’s house for dinner. Despite the table appearing set for nine. The news comes days after Piers Corbyn was told he would face a £10,000 fine for helping organise an anti-lockdown mass gathering. Runs in the family…

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