YouGov Slams Cadwalladr for Spreading Boris Covid Fake News

YouGov has made a timely intervention into a spiralling online conspiracy theory this morning, although not before its propagator had racked up over 30,000 likes for her lie. Conspiratorial cat lady Carole Cadwalladr – spurred on by Labour figures such as Dawn Butler – promoted the idea that support for the Government surged as a result of Boris catching Covid.

Carole I was hoping no one would bring that up…. let’s hope America reacts differently. 🤞🏾

— Dawn Butler MP✊🏾 (@DawnButlerBrent) October 2, 2020

Clearly prompting YouGov to stage an intervention with the reality of the situation…

No, Boris Johnson catching coronavirus did not prompt a surge of support for the government. The surge had already taken place by 23 March – 4 days before the PM announced he had COVID-19

— YouGov (@YouGov) October 2, 2020

30,000 likes for Cadwalladr’s misleading Tweet. 200 likes for YouGov’s truth.

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