• The Facts:

    Donald trump recently tweeted that he will be leaving the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. He urged citizens not to fear covid or “let it dominate your life.”

  • Reflect On:

    Has there ever been a major global event where so many people are split and separated in their thinking? Why is research, opinions and narratives that oppose the mainstream heavily censored? Why can’t everything be transparent?

What Happened: Not long after President Donald Trump announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 and checked in at the Walter Reed Medical Center, he has announced that he’s feeling fine, and that he will be “leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good!” In the same tweet he has urged the citizenry of the United States not to be afraid of COVID, and to not let it “dominate your life.” He went on to state that they’ve developed “some really great drugs & knowledge” and that he feels better than he did 20 years ago.

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Why This Is Important: Trump is, and has been for some time, sharing the perspective that COVID is not as dangerous as it’s being made out to be by big media. Big media has ridiculed him quite a bit for having this perspective, and seem to have been ignoring thousands of doctors and scientists around the world who have also been sharing the same perspective.

Not only have these doctors and scientists been ignored, they’ve also been heavily censored by multiple social media platforms who are urging their users to not pay attention to any health information about COVID that opposes the narrative of the World Health Organization, and other federal health regulatory agencies.

For example, more than 500 German doctors & scientists have signed on as representatives of an organization called the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee” that share the same perspective, claiming lockdown and other measures related to COVID have done more harm than good and are completely unnecessary.

The Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC) recently published a report titled  “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” According to them, the infection/fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.26%, and recently released infection fatality rates for COVID released by the CDC also has many people feeling this way.

An article published in the British Medical Journal  has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the peak of the virus. You can access that and read more about it here.

The point is, there are countless amounts of examples, you can view more here if interested, but they’re not hard to find.

On the contrary, mainstream media has maintained that COVID is a highly contagious and deadly disease, and the fear angle has been pushed hard.

What About Other Treatments? 

President Trump has also been heavily criticized for recommending alternative treatments to combat COVID infections. Alternative media outlets like, Collective Evolution, have been censored for presenting information, peer-reviewed science, and real world examples from hospitals that have had success with other treatments.

For example, A study published last month in “frontiers in immunology” strongly suggests the combined administration of Vitamin C & Quercetin for COVID-19 patients. Yet fact-checkers and mainstream media share a different perspective, although not with the correct context.

Another recently published study in Global Advances In Health & Medicine has emphasized how effective vitamin C may be for COVID-19, and how effective it is for viral infections in general. They also recommend nutritional interventions given the history of vaccine failure for viral infections.

Again, these are just a few examples out of many, and in those articles you will find cases of COVID patients completely recovering with these treatments, and more.

So why don’t we hear anything about it? Why is it labelled as fake news? Why not talk about it as a good news story that may show promise? It’s better than constant fear isn’t it? Is it because Bill Gates and others have been constantly telling us that ‘things won’t go back to completely normal until we get a vaccine?’ Why has there been so much controversy regarding dying from COVID, as opposed to dying with COVID?

Another important observation comes down to the politicization of COVID. It has become a weapon for politicians everywhere to attack their opponents, making it even harder for the general public to have trust and know what is true.

The Takeaway

There are couple ways in which people are discussing Trump’s COVID infection and recovery. Some feel it was a show, a political stunt for some purpose. Perhaps it was to gain empathy, big up his administration for the treatments that he used, or to get the word out about what could work so things can ‘go back to normal.’ Perhaps raise public morale linked to him moving into the election.

Maybe Trump truly got COVID, and it was an interesting moment to see how all respond. The Left seemed to think it was karma coming to get him, and many were happy he was sick. Does that not illustrate how sad and disconnected our society has become? Perhaps now that Trump has been through COVID, and he used alternative drugs to treat it, there will be proof that other options to a vaccine work, and that people don’t need to wait for it.

The fact he stated so evidently: “Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life” is probably the best aspect of all of this. Media has done a great job of making people fear COVID much more than necessary, and mitigating that fear is a big positive here.

After all, are we being made to fear this simply because fear sells? Or is there something else at play?

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