Don’t worry, Democrats. The local Democrat Party communications guy who was caught in photos and video threatening and intimidating the women of “Oregon Women for Trump” with a knife on Sunday is just fine. He’s out of jail and everything, as you would expect in the second largest county in the People’s Republic. So don’t worry. This is Oregon. And – quick look!– there’s a white supremacist over there! – so this whole episode will go down in the collective media memory hole in no time, just like that Hispanic “white supremacist” murdered by antifa.

Or at least that’s the fear being expressed by the Oregon Women for Trump, who were confronted by Clayton John Callahan on Sunday afternoon in the lovely Portland suburb of Hillsboro in Washington County, Oregon.

The Oregon Women for Trump group held a Donald Trump Car Caravan in Washington County, when a man intentionally got in front of the lead car, driven by Hispanic Trump supporter Janira Brannigan. Brannigan told PJMedia that Callahan harassed the group and pulled car-stopping antics to impede them. When a man watching on the sidewalk with his kids came to assist the group, he was confronted by Callahan who pulled out a knife and threatened him and the Trump supporters.

Update on liberal democrat loon who attacked Trump supporter at Oregon Women for Trump Trump Convoy in Portland. Say his name..Clayton Callahan!

— Oregon Women for Trump 2020 (@RealOWFT) October 6, 2020

A call, tweet, and email to Oregon’s Democratic Party by PJMedia were not returned before publication, but local party officials did get back to a couple of the women who deigned to complain about Callahan’s behavior of holding his private parts and simulating sexual moves in addition to his threatened wet work.

One of the women commenting on the Washington County Democrats’ Facebook page was rebuffed by the administrator as you can see from the second tweet down.

One of the ladies in the OWFT car that was held up by this knife wielding lunatic is 5 months pregnant. This is a response from the Wash Co. Dems fb page when she stated her fear of him. Please retweet. @therealJPBx2 @PatriotPrayerUS @MrAndyNgo @VictoriaTaft

— Oregon Women for Trump 2020 (@RealOWFT) October 6, 2020

And Brannigan, who called the confrontation by their knife wielding communications guy a hate crime was also dismissed by commenters as a “fake Hispanic,” as you can see if you enlarge the photo in this tweet.

Here’s where @WashCoDems called the @RealOWFT leader, Janira Brannigan, a “fake Hispanic.”

— Victoria Taft (Parler & FB and 5VTaftShow-Insta) (@VictoriaTaft) October 6, 2020

Before you go away with the idea that this was just a mutual combat neener-neener-fest by the Democrat Party communications guy, who had a knife remember, and the man who came to intervene on behalf of the Trump supporters, it wasn’t. Callahan was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon. His bail was $1000. He was released from custody.

Here’s Clayton Callahan’s arrest document. It was personally verified to me by Sheriff and jail where he was booked and release on $1000 bail.

— Victoria Taft (Parler & FB and 5VTaftShow-Insta) (@VictoriaTaft) October 6, 2020

Custody is something with which Callahan may be quite familiar, it turns out. He reportedly is a corrections officer at an all women’s prison near Portland and reportedly has been put on leave, according to the right wing group Patriot Prayer and members of the Oregon Women for Trump who reported his sexual antics and the knife wielding.

Update on the uhinged Washington County Democrat leader. This was sent to me from someone inside the DOC. Clayton is no longer allowed access to the prison without permission from the superintendent.

For those of you who haven’t seen the video

— PatriotPrayerUSA (@PatriotPrayerUS) October 6, 2020

Washington County Democrats welcomed Callahan as one of their communications people and bloggers earlier in the year. One of his areas of expertise is veterans issues.

Here’s @WashCoDems communications guy and blogger who was welcomed with open arms … until today.

— Victoria Taft (Parler & FB and 5VTaftShow-Insta) (@VictoriaTaft) October 6, 2020

Indeed, when he confronted the Trump supporters and their defender with the knife he wore a “Screaming Eagles” hat, denoting membership in the Army’s elite 101st Airborne.

Since the Trump supporters gave their video over to Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson to get the word out (see it below), the party aparatchicks also invoked the group in a perfectly laughable press release, blaming the right-wing group – whose members weren’t there – for perhaps being at fault.

Regarding Accusations from Right Extremist Group Patriot Prayer

Democrats of Washington County Respond to Patriot Prayer Video Referencing Washington County Democrats

Press Release: October 5th, 2020

Earlier today the far-right organization Patriot Prayer posted a Youtube video claiming that a person associated in some way with our political party had become aggressive during a private event or rally at some point. The group encouraged their supporters to contact our political party about this matter, and so we have received emails and phone calls, as well as negative attacks on our social media channels.

We have no idea what happened before or after this brief clip. News reports from previous incidents involving the Patriot Prayer group indicate that they have been involved in many violent incidents and have been accused of harassment and intimidation, so we have no way of knowing what their intentions are in mentioning our political party.

We are concerned for the safety of our volunteers since the Southern Poverty Law Center reported of the Patriot Prayer leader who posted this video:

“He has instructed members and supporters to be armed at rallies, saying: ‘Everyone should be carrying around guns at all times, especially people in our situation.’”

But after the attempted slander, it came down to this.

While downplaying his role with the local Democrats, the Washington County Democrats acknowledged that Callahan “is no longer actively involved with our political party.”

The statement that this person is a “communications director” for our party is inaccurrate. The person in this video has never had any leadership position with our political party. Nothing depicted in the video has anything to do with county party activities, property, or programs. The person in the video volunteered as a blog writer with our communication work group. He recently stepped away from this work, and is no longer actively involved with our political party.

At some point, Callahan will have to face the charge in court, if it’s not dropped first, this being Oregon and all. We’ll keep you posted.

See the video compilation of the incident for yourself.

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