Parties’ 2019 General Election Spending Revealed

Spending returns for those who spent over £250,000 at last year’s general election were due to be reported to the Electoral Commission in June. Due to the pandemic, the deadline was extended and reports are being released in batches. The first batch includes five parties and five non-party campaigners…

  • Tories £16,486,696.62
  • SNP £1,004,952.73
  • Plaid Cymru £183,914.55
  • The Independent Group for Change UK £29,556.52
  • UKIP £8,761.00

The non-party campaigners released so far spent…

  • Momentum Campaign (Services) £500,458.19
  • Jeremy Hosking £484,248.00
  • Led By Donkeys LTD £458,237.89
  • Best for Britain £422,498.20
  • Centrum Campaign Limited £199,581.42

Guido waits with bated breath to see Labour and the LibDems’ returns…

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