Bloomberg just published a scoop that could upend the discussion around the White House outbreak, with barely an hour left before the start of Wednesday’s one-and-only VP debate.


White House security official Crede Bailey is reportedly gravely ill with the coronavirus, and has been hospitalized since September. The White House has not disclosed Bailey’s condition, but he became sick before the Sept. 26 Rose Garden event to honor Amy Coney Barrett.

Bailey is in charge of the White House security office, which handles credentialing for access to the White House and works closely with the Secret Service.

Though he has kept a low profile for almost the entirety of his career, Bailey was swept up in the controversy last year over security clearances granted to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Though the Hill reported at the time that Bailey privately testified to the House Oversight Committee that he hadn’t been pressured by others at the White House to grant clearances.

NEWS: The head of White House security office, Crede Bailey, is gravely ill with coronavirus and has been hospitalized since late September, I’m told. Security office handles credentialing for access to WH; works closely with Secret Service on security measures on the compound.

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) October 7, 2020

Crede Bailey, the head of the White House security office, became sick with the coronavirus before the Sept. 26 Rose Garden event, I’m told. https://t.co/h6xtIOzCLD

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) October 7, 2020

Details are scarce, but the implication thus far is clear: The White House outbreak may have started even before Barrett’s nomination event, which would suggest that the White House declaration that Trump’s illness is ‘untraceable’ is actually an attempt to cover up this fact.

Thought for all we know, Bailey’s sickness could be totally unrelated to his work at the White House, and it may have been contained.

Bloomberg broke the news shortly after President Trump declared that Regeneron’s experimental therapeutic was “a cure”. Though it was only one of several medications he took, with the others including Gilead’s remdesivir and the steroid dexamethasone. Though Bailey probably doesn’t see the virus as “a blessing” like Trump said.

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