Allegra Has Chickened Out

No, Allegra has not chickened out of her new daunting role as the PM’s Press Secretary for television briefings. She has, as can’t be seen in this archive footage, donned the chicken suit. As all fans of the West Wing and former Guido employees will know, at some point in your political / media career you have to don the chicken suit. Allegra confirmed to Guido that it was her “boiling” in the chicken suit as a young Brillo danced along to “Amarillo”. She says of her avian experience, “No regrets, no regrets”…

Another unseen supporting actress to Brillo in the Panto horse outfit was Rachel Jupp, now the editor of Panorama. It is clear that to get ahead in politics donning a chicken suit or similar is an advantage. Lee Cain, Allegra’s boss and Boris’s spinmeister often wore the chicken suit during his days at The Mirror. Stick with Guido for all your historical political pantomime news…

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