UK Hits Corona Crunch Time

Events appear to be coming to a head today as the Government is set to hold Downing Street meetings to hammer out plans to reverse the surging Coronavirus cases up north. Rishi Sunak today is also set to announce a new local furlough scheme for those areas forced to close hospitality as part of local lockdowns. Though it will be set at two-thirds a worker’s total wage rather than the original four-fifths…

Official data now seems to suggest some areas are spiraling, with Nottingham now topping the list in England with almost 700 cases per 100,000; and hospitals in these hotspot areas are extremely likely to reach the peak April capacity of almost 3,000 patients before the end of October. As minister Gillian Keegan said on Question Time last night, the virus is “getting out of control” in some parts of the north*. 

*Comments are open to argue about whether Nottingham is in the north.

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