Read in Full: Major European Business Organisations Call On EU to Agree a Brexit Trade Deal

On the eve of the European Council on 15 and 16 October, the Presidents of Medef, Confindustria, and the BDI – the major business organisations of France, Italy, and Germany – have called on the EU and the UK to reach a deal. In the letter they spell out how No Deal would “add further difficulties to the difficulties and would undermine tens of thousands of jobs and activities in all our countries”. Going further than ever before, the continental business leaders go on to write…

“the risk of a no deal is real. It would lead to cascading consequences for our businesses as well as for our citizens: customs duties, controls, bureaucracy, delays, blockages, outsourcing and so on.”

“In this historical momentum, we appeal to collective intelligence so that this partnership can be established on a confident and solid foundation.”

The letter is pointedly directed to the EU side, who many see as dragging their feet. Despite Boris and Ursula von der Leyen agreeing to accelerate talks two weeks ago, Guido understands the UK side is frustrated that the talks haven’t been more intensive over the past two weeks. The EU has insisted on not talking about legal texts until the level playing field and fishing have been settled, wasting time since the summer. A very unusual course of action at this stage of a negotiation…

Read the letter in full here…

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