A hiker was found dead after being reported missing by some fellow hikers.

Jordan Brashears was first reported missing on Oct. 8 after he separated from the group he had been hiking with in Boynton Canyon, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. Brashears had been hiking to see ancient ruins with two men that he met the day before when he went ahead of the group while not wearing shoes.

Man, 29, plunges 100ft to his death while hiking barefoot at an Arizona canyon https://t.co/OBfCZGiMui

— Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) October 13, 2020

When the two men rounded the corner, Brashears was gone. The two spent an hour looking for him before reporting him as missing.

“Deputies indicated that Jordan appeared to have fallen about 100 [feet] from where he landed and was found,” the sheriff’s office said in the media release. (RELATED: ‘I Think We Should Move Now’: Hiker Has Dangerously Close Encounter With Black Bear)

“There is no indication Jordan did this on purpose or that foul play was involved,” authorities also claimed.

This is so sad. I just went hiking during a trip to Colorado and was terrified the whole time. After reading so many stories about things like this happening, it makes it hard to enjoy the view and not think the worst is going to happen.

It seems weird that he took his shoes off, but maybe he was trying to get better leverage while hiking.

We all need to be safer and people definitely should stop hiking alone.

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