Nebraska might have dropped the weirdest uniform reveal in the history of college football.

The Cornhuskers tweeted a video showcasing their 2020 uniforms, and it wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

What exactly do I mean? Well, it didn’t have much to do with uniforms, and was more about creepy clowns and a horror show.

Does that sound strange as all hell? Trust me, you’ll think it’s even weirder once you see it. Give it a watch below.

The Legend of the Blackshirts ☠️

Available in stores 10/26 ????

Worn by the Huskers in ‘20 ???

Stay Tuned…#TeamAdidas x @AdidasFBallUS

— Nebraska Football (@HuskerFBNation) October 13, 2020

First off, I’d like to point out that the production value here appears to be very high. So, props to Nebraska for that.

Having made that point, I’d also like to say that I’m sure the fans of the Cornhuskers don’t give a damn about this video, and aren’t impressed in any form or fashion.

Imagine if Nebraska put as much effort into winning games as they did into making this incredibly creepy and strange video.

They might actually be able to find a way to win some games in the B1G. Instead, the Cornhuskers have become a joke as they get run over time and time again by the elite teams in the conference.

Once Nebraska wins a bunch of games, then they can waste time making videos like this. Until then, focus on the field and only the field.

The good people of Lincoln and the state as a whole deserve much better than what they’re getting.

Now that the game is over and Wisconsin won, I want to say I am blown away by the hospitality of Nebraska fans.

They won’t let me pay for a drink. I was told they’re the nicest fans in the sport, and they didn’t disappoint.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are an all-class fanbase.

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) November 16, 2019

Huge thank you to everybody who made my trip to Nebraska an unforgettable experience.

The Cornhuskers truly have the best fans in America. I felt at home, and lost count of all the free drinks we were given.

If Nebraska fans ever cross paths in Madison, the beers are all on me.

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) November 17, 2019

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