September 24, 2020; 10:08 PM  

Case 111564: At a little after 10 PM in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, Etienne [last name withheld] was just outside his building looking upward. 

He observed two blue lights in proximity to one orange light. There was a second orange light at some distance. All of the lights (let’s call them orbs) were unwavering, there were no emissions and there was no sound. The orbs remained stationary at all times. They were at an altitude of more than 500 feet and directly overhead. After taking a 10-minute, telephone call, the orbs had disappeared.

Etienne’s description of the orbs above the building follows:

“I was standing outside my building and then looked at the sky. It was cloudy, but lights appeared in the sky above my building: one orange [-shaped] form with two blue lights and one orange and aside from that was another orange light. I took a phone call and [the] next time I looked [into] the sky, about 10 minutes later, nothing was there anymore. No sound and [no] moving shape.”


 To this writer’s eye, the enlarged photograph above appears to show two, very indistinct, blue-colored orbs in close proximity to a single orange orb (far right). Separated from those three orbs appears to be a second, indistinct, orange-colored orb (far left). The witness used the words “triangle-shaped lights” in his short, written description. Perhaps Etienne meant “triangle-shaped configuration of two blue lights and one orange light and aside from that was another orange light.” Unfortunately, we’ll never know. The field investigator’s report (Form 30) was devoid of any written analysis, so we’ll definitely have to conclude it was something of an “unknown” origin.

 Case Disposition: Unknown – Other

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