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Grandfathers of alchemy, forefathers of chemistry

Transcript of The Silvery Water by Ibn Umayl at-Tamîmî by An Islamic artist 739H/1339, probably in Baghdad.Alchemy is a word almost everyone has heard...

Medically kidnapping children for drug trials and sex abuse – the history of the CIA project MK-ULTRA

Retiring Director of the CIA Allen Dulles (centre) with US President John F. Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington DC...

Subtle matter: where the physical and spiritual unite

Dr. Klaus Volkamer’s new book, “Weighing Soul Substance”, builds bridges across the gulf that has separated science from spirituality, materialism from mysticism. It confirms...

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Seth Rogen Says He’s “Actively trying to make less things starring white people”

Hollywood actor supports racism in the name of diversity Actor and comedian Seth Rogen says there’s too much white in...

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