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Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Mystery as bizarre 15ft creature with ‘flippers’ and ‘fur’ washes up

 ... on beach in MerseysideAn unidentifiable creature washed up on a beach in Liverpool on WednesdayThe 15-foot long headless beast is furry, has flippers...

Pentagon’s secret, defunct UFO-hunting program may still exist

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, while not a classified program, investigates matters that are classified.The U.S. government's search for unidentified flying objects (UFOs)...

Argentina: New cattle mutilations in Argentina

Our friend and colleague Luis Burgos draws our attention to an article posted to Reconquista Noticias involving mutilated cattle in the pastrues of Paraje...

Possible Sasquatch encounter in Seminole County, Oklahoma

A man observes a large brown-haired cryptid cross in front of his vehicle one night in Seminole County, Oklahoma. He is an avid outdoorsman...

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Seth Rogen Says He’s “Actively trying to make less things starring white people”

Hollywood actor supports racism in the name of diversity Actor and comedian Seth Rogen says there’s too much white in...

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