Linda Moulton Howe – Part 2: Interview with Jim Marrs, viewer Q & A

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Nov 4, 2020 – Part 2: Interview with Jim Marrs, viewer Q & A


– COVID-19 update

– England to lock down for 4 weeks

– Dr. Fauci warns “The United States could not possibly be positioned more poorly”.

– US has nearly 10m cases, 238k deaths – Part 2 of 2007 Interview with Jim Marrs talking about his book “Psi Spies: The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare”

– “People living underground and people living in domed cities…due to continued ozone depletion.

– Ingo Swann remote viewed Jupiter and Mars – “… a circular object came out to meet the Phobos 2 spacecraft”

– “NASA has gone to extreme lengths to cover up these facts…they are keeping secrets about UFOs and activity on Mars.”

– “The people in charge don’t want remote viewing used generally…so that the public does not get a clear picture”

– Ingo Swann’s April 27, 1973 remote viewing session on Jupiter

– “Tremendous winds…crystals in the atmosphere…an enormous mountain range..crystal cloud cover”

– Phobos 2 failed mission from 1989 – spacecraft appeared to be spinning out of control after encounter with UFO

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