Wow! Leftists Agents Caught Handing Out NAZI Propaganda At MAGA Rally

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Agent provocateurs attempted to stop the sleeping giant in Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday.

During Infowars’ Stop The Steal caravan meetup, a patriot accepted a booklet from an individual only to find out it included Nazi paraphernalia.

Infowars reporter Greg Reese talked with the caravan member who said, “Here we are trying to denounce the media narrative that there are white supremacists at all these rallies… as you can see, there’s a mix of complex individuals of all demographics… but we’ve got a shady individual passing out books, so I try to be decent and accept one of these books.”

“I stuck it in my pocket, I thought it might be a pocket bible… it was a yoga book. Maybe he’s trying to help me get to my inner zen,” the man continued.

“Well, I go back to the truck and I open this up, mind you I’m walking with a black man when I open this up… someone I respect and honor for taking this trip with us and I see as a brother and a fellow human being, and this infuriates me that we have agent provocateurs who are trying to infiltrate our rallies and support the media narrative,” the Trump supporter explained.

“So, not only are they manufacturing false media narratives, but they are injecting stimuli into reality to support that and push it on us.,” he said as he pulled a business card out of the booklet that had a swastika on it.

“I’m not a white supremacist. Nobody here is a white supremacist. We would not allow those people to be here, because we don’t agree with those ideologies. This is sick,” he said, throwing the pamphlet to the ground.

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